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In this review, we’ll be talking about Lauda Air. This charter airline that operated from the biggest airport of Austria and also once had rocked our aviation world. Join me as we discover why this leisure airline of Niki Lauda had ceased operations in 2013. But before the ending, let’s first talk about how it all started.

The Rise and Fall of Lauda Air

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Niki Lauda

It is not that obvious, but just to state a fact, Lauda Air ‘s name was derived from the founder’s last name, Mr. Niki Lauda, a former Grand Prix driver and three-time F1 world champion. Well, that doesn’t have nothing to do with airlines. Though, this F1 racer took a different curve on his career when he established Lauda Air. From cars to planes, not a bad idea. Lauda Air was originally founded in 1979, but commenced operations in 1985 initially as a charter and air taxi service.

In the long run, Lauda Air was world renowned for its charter and leisure as an Austrian airline and was acquired by Austrian Airlines in 2000. By then Lauda Air had changed its fleet to all-Boeing models, which affected the performance of the prestigious airline of the 20th century and led them to withdraw from long-haul routes in 2008.
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However, in 2012 the merger of Austrian Airlines and Lauda Air was official. All the aircraft of Lauda Air were transferred to Austrian Airlines that rebranded to Austrian myHoliday, which now operates to sell the airline’s leisure offers. Lauda Air used to operate 59 domestic and international destinations and follow the frequent flyer program Miles & More since Austrian Airlines by then joined Miles & More in 2000.

How it was to fly with Lauda Air?
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Lauda Air was once the most favored airline of tourists, since the on board experience is extraordinary or more like exclusive. As noticed, their flight attendants’ uniform are inspired from F1 racing theme, to be exact, crew are just wearing a usual jeans-and-sensible-shoes as their uniform. One reviewer before even mentioned that “If you are lucky enough to be on Lauda Air, you will get one of the best services around”. As stated as well on past Lauda Air reviews, crew have always been unfailingly friendly and helpful while serving passengers with meals and drinks. As expected from the airline that says “Service is our success.”

Official Website and Mobile App

Unfortunately, the page doesn’t operate anymore. We weren’t able to find a source to provide a screenshot of the website. Lauda Air never had a mobile version of their services.



If you’ll recall, in 1976 when Niki Lauda had an accident during his second lap on a German Grand Prix, his Ferrari swerved off the track, hit an embankment, burst into flames. He was trapped in the wreckage; before the rescuers were able to pull Lauda from his car, he already suffered severe burns to his head even if he was wearing a helmet. The burns lead to his losing most of his right ear as well as the hair on the right side of his head, his eyebrows and his eyelids. This pretty much explains why you see him lately wearing a cap.

Getting to the point, it takes a lot of disasters and unwanted happenings before we discover greater things. Niki Lauda’s aviation business never stopped at Lauda Air, but continued with Niki (Airlines). This only proves he’s a natural born racer who keeps going and reaching his goal.



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  1. I am a great big fan of Niki Lauda even after his accident. I am so happy to see that you even wrote a review about the legendary racer. I miss flying with Lauda Air though. The airline was actually good.

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