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Name an Airline that keeps growing, that’s LAN Airlines. The success of the company keeps going and growing each and every day after the merge and take over. With 8 decades of experience in aviation let us see how the Chilean gave us a Latin American ride

Origins and Ownership
The Chilean airline LAN was founded by Mr. Arturo Merino Benitez in 1929. In 1939 the airlines was known to be “Línea Aérea Nacional de Chile”. The growth of LAN was rapid that in 1995 they took over Landeco; Chile’s second airline and merged with FasAir in 1998. In 2004 the name was changed to “LAN”

The Chief Executive Officer of Lan Airlines, Mr. Enrique Cueto, is a 56 year old Latin American airline industry visionary which is also the Executive Director of LATAM Airlines Group.

LAN Airlines Reviews - Enrique Cueto
Enrique Cueto

Did You Know?
As you notice you keep seeing LAN next to TAM on the official logo. The reason behind that is, the national flag carrier of Chile; LAN merged with the biggest airline in Brazil; TAM in the middle of 2012. Now known as, LATAM. This merging gross sales of $13 billion in leaving Air China in second place with $10.7 billion in 2012. In August 2015 the airlines was officially branded to “LATAM Airlines Group
LAN Airlines Reviews - merge

The airlines’ fleet size of 310 which the main bases are at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. TAM Airlines was member of Star Alliance and Oneworld, they had to give up one after the merge with LAN. The merge of two is now in alliance with Oneworld.

On August 11, 2014, LAN Airlines received the award for “South America’s Leading Airline” at the World Travel Awards and they have received the same award in 2013

LAN Kind of Services
LAN Airlines wants customers to educate potential customers on how it’s like to fly with them. You have the option to experience their inflight experience even by just checking their official website. Service is called, Live the LAN 360° Experience, it’s a virtual tour inside their aircrafts. The cabin classes in this airlines are categorized into Premium Business, Premium Economy and Economy.

Seatback TV is the airlines’ in flight entertainment while they serve various choice of Chilean cuisines but also Western cuisines using real glass and ceramic dishes. Dietary or Special meals are also offered to customers who are vegetarian, on a diet plan, diabetic, children and kosher meals.
LAN in flight entertainment

The airlines make sure customers receive the utmost care needed especially to travellers in need of special assistance: Pregnant women, with an infants, people with disabilites and minorities.

LANPASS, is the airlines’ frequent flyer program. Customers are entitled to receive KMS every time they fly with LAN, TAM or other airlines with Oneworld alliance. KMS can be redeemed to benefits like flights with airlines in alliance with Oneworld, cabin upgrade, seat selection, kilometer bonus and check-in/baggage priority. To see more, click here.


The Official Website and Mobile app
The website will first direct you to select your language divided by country and continent. Once customers are on the main page, first thing they’ll notice are the flashing images placed slightly on the right hand of the page which promotes their latest deals, packages and offers. The background of the official website is a picture of the sky with clouds that leaves a soothing and calming effect to customers.

The official website of LAN Airlines features provide customers the option to book flights, check-in online, check flight status, manage booking, check itinerary and reservation payments. The headings of the page lets customers get information like destination guide, special offers page, vacation packages and the program LANPASS.

If customers has queries about the in-flight service, LAN AND TAM EXPERIENCE tab is located on the top right of the page, this will provide customer informations like the cabin classes, destinations, fleet size and history of LAN Airlines.

However if customers have queries which are not found in the official website, the
Help Center option is shown on the top of the page next to the language selector.
LAN Airlines Reviews -help center and opinion

Customers are free to give their opinion on the website’s overall performance with the “Give us your opinion” button on the rightmost part of the page.

LAN mobile app is available in iOS and Android. This travel app features provide customers services like check-in online, check flight status, seat selection, travel information and electronic boarding pass.
mobile app

LAN Airlines Reviews of the Customer
Browsing thru Skytrax’s I stumbled upon the most recent review which is similar to other reviews. The airlines is getting tons of complaints. The recent review was posted on October 7, 2015, the reviewer said “Flown 8 legs on a S American trip, on this excuse of an airlines. Other than the inflight service, LAN Airlines is a disaster, from the poorly functioning website, to extremely chaotic boarding (making people line up by their seat numbers, than changing the lines three times and finally setting up wrong signs, leading to utter confusion), to the dirty planes, to absolute incompetence in communication (there were no English announcements made on the plane, not by the pilot nor by the attendants, and the flight was going to LAX) to broken IFE. Not to mention 12 hours delay at Lima airport where 2 staff  dealt with 150 transferring passengers, only to have them return 12 hours later with no one knowing how and where to deal with the returning delayed passengers. A horrid experience.” he gave the airlines a 1 out of 10 rating.

Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             +00 56 2 2687 24000
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                   +56 2 565 3890
  • Head Office Address:       Americo Vespucio 901, Comua de Renca, 8660360 Santiago, Chile

Have you ever tried to look into other LAN Airlines reviews? I did. That’s why I got interested in making one and sharing it with you. Well, here are my final thoughts. I never thought of this Airlines’ growth really you cannot judge the book by its cover. However they can’t be perfect but as we can see they keep upgrading to make up with their mistakes.

Do you have any experience to share? Feel free to tell me a story below too.



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