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Initially known as DETA Direcção de Exploração de Transportes Aéreos, the airline was established back in August 1936. The airline started with charter flights, but that didn’t last long until a regular airmail service commenced on 22 December 1937 using a de Havilland Dragonfly. Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975. The airline had became Mozambique’s flag carrier in 1980, and  four more Boeing 737-200s were ordered the following year. Eventually, the airline was rebranded to LAM – Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique.
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LAM Mozambique Airlines is banned from operating into the European Union, and this dates back to 2011. Moving forward, LAM Mozambique Airlines now has 7 aircraft that serve 16 international destinations, while its main hub is at Maputo International Airport.

Official Website

The official page of the national airline of Mozambique was kept simple with its plain white, red, and grey theme colors. The site lets travellers search and book for their preferred flight with LAM Mozambique Airlines: not only flights, but also hotel reservations, car rentals, and access to the frequent flyer club of the airlines. Apart from the services, information are given online for special offers, customers’ advantages, news, and policies of the airline.
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The page can be interchangeable to English and Portuguese. Travellers will get to know more about the airline’s inflight experience and destinations found on the header of the page. Unfortunately, the flag carrier of Mozambique doesn’t have a travel app for a mobile version of all these services.

LAM Mozambique Airlines Reviews and Services

LAM Mozambique Airlines caters to two kinds of cabin classes on board: Economy and Executive. The airline thinks about the satisfaction of each passenger on board; they offer meals depending on the duration of the flight. The meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients and the best quality.

LAM Mozambique Airlines Reviews-inflightBased on LAM Mozambique Airlines reviews, flying in Economy Class is like actually travelling via Business Class on a normal major airline. One passenger even mentioned that the airline has an excellent value for money.

Though, looking through online LAM Mozambique Airlines reviews, the airline only got a 3/10 score rating on Skytrax. It is actually a bad score. The most recent review was posted on April 2016: the passenger was not happy with his experience with the airline. He even considered it as, “Airline from hell. LAM stands for late and maybe and it goes beyond that in living up to its infamous reputation.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:     
  • Contact Number:         +258 21 46 88 00
  • Contact Email:   
  • Fax Number:               +258 82/84 147
  • Head Office Address:   Alameda do Aeroporto, CP 2060, Maputo, Mozambique


After writing a review about this airline, I was more than convinced to try flying with them rather than be discouraged by the LAM Mozambique Airlines reviews shown online, since Mozambique is actually one of the few destinations in the world that is popular for its beaches and offshore marine parks. We believe that LAM Mozambique Airlines can develop more in time.

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  1. We are stuck again at Inhambane airport. No information given other than the LAM Mozambique flight has been cancelled. This is now the second day stuck here for some people. LAM Mozambique refuse to let other operators fly this route. But only they can service it themselves. What a pity for tourism.

  2. My flight was originally scheduled for 12h10.
    They have send me a e-mail a week before to say this is delayed and will only depart at 16h10, that was still okay. The day when I had to fly, I checked in at about 14h15 and went through passport control becuse my flight was suppose to leave at 16h10 (that was the delay time stated) and waited for friends to come through that was on the same flight. Only to hear later they can’t check in because the flight is only leaving at 19h10. When I asked to move my return date 2 days on or even just 1 day, because I have wasted a day already with this whole delay thing and plans were down the drain. They charged me more than what my ticket cost initially.
    If you want to be on time don’t fly this airline, you will save your self alot of money!

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