Kulula Airlines Review

Large airlines like Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Garuda and more, earns millions per day, then there are the no-frills airlines or the low-cost carriers.

Kulula is the first “no-frills” (budget airline) airline in South Africa, and is also the second to the last placer on the top 100 airlines in the world ranking of SkyTrax, why is that?

Origins and Ownership

Kulula was founded in 2001 and was operational in August of that year, the airline provides major domestic flights to the citizens of South Africa. Comair is the parent company of Kulula, the current CEO of Comair, therefore also Kulula is Erik Rudolp Venter.

Venter has been with Kulula since December 1st, 2011, he also served as the company’s Finance Director from January 1st, 2013.

kulula airlines ceo
Erik Venter, CEO of Comair

Online Feedback

Kulula is not yet given a star rating by SkyTrax, but the airline manages to trample over one airline, Fiji Airways. Despite the “almost lowest” ranking, Kulula received positive reviews from their previous passengers. Some of the reviews mentioned the seats were a little cramped, however, they didn’t complain rather they came to Kulula’s defense saying that the company is a budget airline therefore the seats were justified.

The company’s maintenance for cleanliness was also appreciated, when customers complimented the cleanliness of each airliner and the friendliness of the attendants. One passenger in particular was happy when the ground attendants allowed him to board his flight despite arriving to the airport 20 minutes before his flight, he was worried that his luggage wasn’t going to be checked in, but Kulula still assisted him with his carry-on.

Delayed flights are an issue for Kulula just like most airlines, many passengers were unhappy when their flights were delayed. Kulula seems to run into troubles when it comes to following their own daily flight schedule.

The Website

kulula airlines review

Kulula’s website is pretty standard for an airline interface. Everything from booking flights to arranging hotel and car reservations can be done on the website, packages for holiday destinations with discounted prices are included under the category of packages. The website allows passengers to manage their flights by checking in and adding extra services during flights.

Kulula Mobi

Future customers can easily check in using their smartphones with the Kulula Mobi application. The application features other functions such as checking weather conditions, monitoring flight status, looking up flight schedules and more.

Customer Service

To get in touch with their customer support, customers can reach Kulula Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 to 19:00. They also provide email support for hearing impaired individuals. To be aware of the satisfactory rate of their services, Kulula allows customers to submit their feedback through the website.


Kulula only provides two classes, the business class and the economy class.

All seats in both classes can be reclined for a flexible position and comfort. Incoming passengers can select their seat on the website, however extra charges are required.

On Board Menu

Kulula sells meals and snacks on board for hungry passengers, their menu includes a meat roll sub, vegie roll sub, pringles, oreos, chocolates, muffins and more tasty snacks.

Printed Entertainment

Flight attendants hand out Khuluma magazines to the passengers for some reading time. Khuluma magazine features different topics like lifestyle, gadgets, shopping trends, photography and business.

Baggage Allowance

Customers are allowed to carry one piece of luggage not exceeding 20 kg and one hand baggage weighing 7 kg. Passengers with 20kg or more luggage are required to pay extra.

Special assistance

For the sake of elders, infants, pregnant women and individuals with disabilities, Kulula offers special assistance to cater to specific conditions.

The Operation

Kulula’s headquarters is located in Bonaero Park, Kempton Park,Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa. The airline has two hubs, the OR Tambo International Airport and the Lanseria International Airport. Kulula operates Boeing 737s with a total of 11 airliners.

Kulula's Boeing 737-800 in action
Kulula’s Boeing 737-800 in action

On October 12, 2012 Kulula got second place for Excellence in Social Media from third annual SimpliFlying Awards. In 2014, International Airline Excellence awards named Kulala one of the “Best Low Cost Airlines.”

Kulala’s contact information:

  • Website URL: http://www.kulula.com/
  • Contact number: 0861 KULULA / 0861 585852
  • Contact Email: feedback@kulula.com
  • Fax Number: +27 11 388 2463
  • Head Office Address: Cnr. 1 Marignane Drive and Atlas Road Bonaero Park 1619  ,South Africa


We hope you enjoyed our Kulula Airlines review. Despite being the 99th place airline in the world, Kulula provides quality service and managed to gain loyal customers. It will take many years before they achieved major improvements but with better management, Kulula is still in the race. Do you think Kulula should be 99th or higher?

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  1. Both Mango and Kulula are awesome airlines. I would recommend both. One thing though, sometimes the AirConditioning machine in Mango aricrafts doesn’t work properly. But still a great airline.

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