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Have you dreamt to roam around Amsterdam on a bicycle? Where restaurants and coffee shops are just near the water? Poffertjes, Bitterballen, Stroopwafels, Rookworst, Appeltaart, and Koffie Verkeerd do they sound familiar? I bet they do not sound appetizing but believe me you’ll keep looking for this once experienced. Just like the airlines: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, once you experience, you’ll keep coming back for more.

History of KLM
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the oldest airline operating and active was founded in 1929 by a young aviator lieutenant, Mr. Albert Plesman, the airline traces its roots back to when Mr. Plesman sponsored ELTA aviation exhibition in Amsterdam. That exhibition was successful and Mr. Plesman was nominated to lead this new airline.

KLM Airlines Review- Pieter Elbers
Pieter Elbers

The first flight happened on May 17, 1920 from London to Amsterdam. The current President and Chief Executive Officer of KLM, Mr. Pieter Elbers,  has been in his position since October 15, 2014. He is a 45 year old Dutch man who is a member of the International Advisory Board of International Institute of Air & Space Law (IIASL)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
The Dutch airline is in alliance with SkyTeam and has been  since 2004 with a fleet size of 115: 17 Airbus A330; 48 Boeing 737; 25 Boeing 747; 25 Boeing 777. The national flag carrier of Netherlands is headquartered in Amstelveen with its main hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

If you are wondering what KLM stands for then you’re on the right page. KLM is an abbreviation for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij which means Royal Aviation Company. In 2004 KLM merged with Air France and was incorporated by the French Law.

KLM Airlines Review - merge

In Flight Services
There are three classes in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. In each class they provide royal-like service, let me enumerate on them:
Economy Class – customers are served with complimentary meals and beverages. A snack or sandwich is also given depending on customers traveling time. Personal entertainment is given to cease the boredom.
Europe Business – this class is similar to Business Class. Customers will get priority baggage handling, security screening, separated check-in line and complimentary meals and beverages like wine, juices or soft drinks.
World Business – customers flying this class have similar benefits as the Europe Business passengers however in this class customers enjoy a three course meal.
*The inflight meals are a mixture of Dutch and Northern cuisines. Seatback entertainment is mostly on all intercontinental flights.

With Flying Blue, customers get MILES as points to this frequent flyer program on every flight with KLM. These MILES can be use for future travelling needs by giving people things like discounted airfares, seat selection and class upgrading.

Website and Mobile Services
The KLM website features lets customers search for flights, manage booking, check-in online, check flight status and provide travel information. The option to change language is located on the top right of the page, this will give you the option to select your country. An image of their aircraft is the background of the website with sky blue and white colours. The website provides information like travel preparation, guides and destinations.

KLM mobile services provide the same features as to the website. Options like booking a trip, changing seats, checking in online, flight status.
Mobile App

What Customers are Saying?
Reading different KLM Airline reviews, seems a good choice because i’ve been seeing how wonderful they are in terms of customer service. One recent reviewer said “This was my first experience travelling with KLM and it was one of the best flights. The service, even in economy, was excellent and the staff so personable. There was no shortage of staff with so many to attend to and we were treated like royalty. The food was exceptional and there were little extras that I have never seen on any other airlines. Our attendant was so calm and pleasant and made me feel like his whole heart went into his work and I will certainly consider KLM next time I visit Europe.” she gave the airline on October 8, 2015 a 10/10 rating by Airlinequality.com

Contact information

  • Website URL:                 www.klm.com
  • Contact number:            +31 20 649 9123
  • Contact Email:               mediarelations@klm.com
  • Fax Number:                  +31 20 648 8092
  • Head Office Address:     Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij nv. PO Box 7700, 1117 ZL Schiphol
    Airport, Netherlands

What Else Can I Say?
After reading tons of KLM Airline reviews, there’s nothing more luxurious than the service that they have been providing since Day 1 in 1929. The genius founder Mr. Plesman really made a masterpiece with KLM. He would be very proud with the airlines’ growth and success. Just so you know the airlines is at the 28th spot with this year’s Top 100 Airlines. Royal Dutch service at its finest! Feel free to leave a comment below.



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