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Not only online, but also on Reddit, Skypicker has been famous or maybe infamous all over the net. But today, we are not going to talk about Skypicker; rather, we’ll see more about its new development to Kiwi. Let’s discover why a travel site which started in 2012 had to change their name in just
four years.

Kiwi actually started from a 2-guy basement with nothing but an idea of revolutionizing the online travel industry. In 4 years, they now have over 560 employees making their dreams happen. All team members of Kiwi are passionate and that got the company off the ground.

Kiwi had advised customers that previous bookings with Skypicker will be carried over to the new branding, and the booking management or reservation won’t be affected. As promised, Kiwi will remain with the same relentless dedication for cheap flights and complete customer satisfaction. Now, let’s look at the domain of Kiwi.

Know More About Kiwi

Kiwi is an online travel agency with groundbreaking Virtual Interlining technology and a focus on exceptional customer service. Their unique flight search algorithm allows their customers to combine flights from airlines that do not normally collaborate into a single itinerary, often resulting in significant savings.
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There are more than 600 notable passenger airlines operating in the world. Some of them operate autonomously; some of them cooperate with others, creating alliances to be able to offer more destinations. Unfortunately, many low-cost carriers do not have cooperation agreements with the big airlines, severely limiting the combination options available to travelers.
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Kiwi removes this limitation by allowing travelers to create itineraries from nearly limitless flight combinations. The German magazine Focus found them to be, on average, 28% cheaper than the competition while, in some cases, the savings can be as high as 90%.

Kiwi also has a mobile version of all these services which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. The functionalities and features of the travel app are a complete replica of the PC version. The travel app will provide customers with one-click access from mobile to their boarding passes and e-tickets.

For any questions regarding flight search or  booking, their customer service is available 24/7. However, given that the customer service is operational for 24 hours a day, Kiwi reviews are not as pleasing as the company sounds.

Kiwi Reviews From Customers

Remember earlier when we said that they are actually infamous on Reddit? A topic actually started on Reddit wherein travellers had been commenting about false results showing on the travel search engine. Low-cost airfare which are non-existing is the top-ranking topic from those comments. Apart from that, Kiwi reviews on TrustPilot show several complaints about Kiwi, but we can’t read them since they are in a foreign language.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            +1 202 844 4159 (US)
                                           +44 203 808 5910 (UK)
                                           +1 613 699 4479 (CA)
  • Contact Page:        
  • Head Office Address:       Bakalovo nabrezi 2, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic


Kiwi Reviews-kiwiIf you’ll base your deduction with just the appearance and features of Kiwi, undoubtedly, the travel site seems to be one of the unique structures and services. However, if you’ll take time to read and understand consumer complaints, these make you think that Kiwi is just a show. The reason of changing the name for betterment seems to be in question. Why Kiwi? What does it have to do with the fruit with brown fuzzy skin and pale green flesh? Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. The company is great. The representative, Michaela, was extremely helpful and friendly. We are going to use this company again in the future.

  2. Beyond disgusted by my experience with! I will never be using them again and would strongly recommend others considering using their service to choose another. Because of miscommunication on their side I was forced to either pay through the roof for last minute baggage allowances on a sequence of flights or losing my bag. Unfortunately as a young traveller the hiked fees at the airport meant losing my bag! The reason I am so disgusted by the service is because I emailed them repeatedly for the better part of a week to confirm I had baggage allowance – each time being told I did, even though my emails stated otherwise. This could have been avoided had they done their job. The purpose of booking through a site like this is to save money, time, and hassle; from my experience choosing this service company destroys all three.

  3. Worst experience with travel. They guarantee you a flight, take your money and then they’ll have “technical difficulties” and only help you if you are willing to pay for more than double the money they had originally charged you, for the same flight! SCAM

  4. Terrible experience with! Never ever travel with them again, even the airport staff told us not to buy from because they have a bad reputation and always have customers complains!
    We can’t check in online, and get our boarding pass, so we went to the airport and they said that we have to check in online and if don’t, we have to pay the airport check in fees. We tried to call them after and they don’t want to pay any refund back to us! It doesn’t say anything when we got the email from them or any information about what to do if we can’t check in online. So it is their responsibility to give a clear information to their customers!
    Trust me, you don’t want to use their services, it’s been a really bad experience!!! And it’s not only us who’s saying that, even the airport people tell us never ever use ever again!

    So please, help yourself get out of trouble and stress, by not using their services!!!!

  5. Beware people!
    Do not use their services or buy your ticket from them even though they are cheap!
    We can’t check in online on kiwi website or either from Ryan air.
    Kiwi wrote that we have to send our passport information to them the latest on the 24th of January, to be able to do the online check in, but we received the email about this information on the 25th of January, which is one day too late.
    We thought we can check in directly in the airport but apparently at the check in desk they said that we have to pay airport fees for us to. E able to check in.
    The airport people both in Copenhagen and in Brussels was also confused and how could this happen, and they said that they heard a lot about that they are really bad and they all even said that they recommend us to never ever use again in the future, because the airport people have heard and experience a lot of the customers who use service, always having problems!

    We called kiwi after, and they said that they can see the problem, but they won’t refund our airport fees that we paid, because of their own mistakes, it ours!!
    Very very bad service and we are very upset customers!

    Please, safe yourself from having any trouble and headache!

    • Trying through you to post comments on this site, they do not post mine and I would like to,let everybody to know they should stay away

  6. What a pity we didn’t read these reviews first !!!!!! Not only do they cut you off their chat line, they don’t put you in touch with anybody who can help so those of you reviewing and quoting people’s names can only be described as miracles !!!! Never ever before have we dealt with such dishonest people. Why are you airlines allowing them to do this ???? We won’t deal with you again either. You must all be in this together. For anybody smart enough to check reviews first before purchase, steer well clear of anything to do with this site. If you like surprises and have money wanting to find a home then it’s definitely for you.

  7. Don’t buy from the booking . We lose about 9000$ by the kiwi . they take all our money . Now we have to Lawyer and bring a lawsuit before the court against

    Please Any person got problem and have complaint about . He must to submit his complaint to all Travel Agencies & Tourism Agencies . And consumer protection organizations and The US Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic .
    These are some Website you can submit your complaints to these three .
    and there are others organizations you can submit the complaint to them .

    Open this page

    and this page

    3- US Department of Transportation

    and there are others organizations you can submit the complaint to them .


    Please report to the following if you need to:

    Ministry of Industry and Trade ( Consumer Protection for Czech Republic) Report International Scams
    Federal Trade Commission
    Your local Consumer Affairs
    Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3): Federal Bureau of Investigation

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