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Erwin Rommel once said “Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning”. This saying didn’t actually work with Kenya Airways, they once lost a battle a long time ago, in which they learned a heavy lesson from. It is through losing you’ll learn the recipe for success. Let us see how they rose from that fall.

So it all started…
Kenya Airways started as East African Airways (EAA) in 1946. However during the disbanding of EAA and East African Community the name was changed to Kenya Airways on January 22, 1977 as a company fully owned by the Kenyan Government.

Since November 2014, A 47 year old graduate of Bachelor of commerce degree accounting was the successor of Dr. Titus Nakuni’s 11 years of service as CEO for Kenya Airways, Mr. Mbuvi Ngunze. He was recognized for his contribution to the Airline Industry in Africa, ever since he was the CEO, the Kenya Airways has made tremendous improvement in revenue and customers, as well as expanding the fleet size and destinations. He was awarded recently with “Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Services to African Aviation Development” during the African Aviation Summit 2014.

Kenya Airways Review - Mbuvi Ngunze CEO
Mbuvi Ngunze

A fatal accident won’t stop them
The Kenya Airways is the pride of Africa. Its main hub is at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) with a fleet size of 43. The SkyTeam alliance upgraded the performance of Kenya Airways when it joined in June 2010.

The first fatal accident for Kenya Airways happened January 2000, when their new Airbus A310 crashed off Ivory Coast 18 minutes after taking off from Abidjan, thirty-six Nigerians died in that accident. Due to that, Kenya Airways lost a big chunk of their reputation, despite their good standing for three decades.

Kenya Airways Review - Fatal Accident 2000
In 1999, Kenya Airways was voted “Airline of the Year” by African Aviation Magazine. That was just the start of their several achievements to the most recent. This year, it won the award for “Africa’s Leading Airline-Business Class” by World Travel Awards 2015.

Services that you would want to experience
Flying Blue is one of the services of Kenya Airways. It comes with Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. In which they earn Miles on flight with 130 Airlines. The customers can use their Miles to book flights, upgrade the class from the choices of First, Business or Economy Class and are entitled to Promo Awards. It will help their customers book a hotel or rent a car once they reach their destination. It is a membership wherein they are eligible for services and products from their 130 partners. To learn more about Flying Blue, click here.

Kenya Airways offers special assistance to their passengers who needs medical assistance or extra care. The airlines assist passengers like expectant mothers, unaccompanied minors, travelling with an infant, and passengers with reduced mobility.

Let’s take a peek in-flight with Kenya Airways. The Flat Bed, it’s the in-flight seat of the Kenya Airways in which it can turn into a horizontal long bed and this includes a comfortable pillow and a warm blanket. While lying cozy in this flat bed they also offer a drink of your choice, like a special dining setting to light up the mood and give their customers the same feel as a world-class restaurant. The airlines also provide their way of “8 Healthy Travel Trips” to see their list, click here.


Kenya Airways Review - Flat Bed
Flat Bed

Of course, smoking is prohibited, even inside the restrooms , they have a smoke detector alarm which will set off once triggered.  The purpose of this non-smoking ride is to ensure a healthy air quality on-board. Kenya Airways’ passengers are not allowed to use any electronic device during takeoff and landing, that includes laptops, remote controlled games, radios, portable TV sets and mobile phones. These might interfere with the Airlines’ safety measures.

The Kenya Airways toll free number works 24 hours a day.

Kenya Airways Website
Their customers are able to check out the monthly new release movies for their in-flight entertainment. Which includes the cast, director, rating, runtime, genre, and the synopsis of the movie

The Kenya Airways mobile app is now available in the Windows store, Google playstore, and Apple app store. This enables customers to book and manage their flight, check flight status, check baggage allowance policy, and let them subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest news and offers from Kenya Airways. The mobile is called “KQ mobile app”

Kenya Airways Review - KQ Mobile app
What people are saying
In this Kenya Airways review, the airline receives a lot of positive feedback from their customers. One reviewer said he was happy with the decent food and choice of wines, announcements are clear and a good selection of movies keep folks entertained, he gave the airline an almost perfect score of 9/10. Even another reviewer said “The transit in NBO is very quick and efficient. The regional product is excellent, personalized IFE great food for a 3 hour flight and great pitch. European airlines don’t  even come close on medium haul flights. They deserve that 4th star.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:               +254 20 327 4747
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +254 20 823 488
  • Head Office Address:        Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, PO BOX 19002-00501, Airport Road,                                                      Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

In this Kenya Airways review, the airline didn’t stop their battle when they crash into a fatal foe. They took that as a weapon to upgrade their army in terms of war. We can see the continuous good and positive feedback from their customers/passengers in terms of flight experience. They deserve that 4th star from Skytrax . I hope this review helps you, feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. Staff doing their job without any kind of special attention. Cabin usually clean and flights on time. However you get what you pay for. Kenya Airways has developed a product that is by far better than many low cost carriers but does not match the legacy carriers.

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