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Iceland had always been one of the few countries I would love to visit. If you never heard of Blue Lagoon then you’re missing almost half of your life. There are more tourist attractions in Iceland such as the Sun Voyager, Gullfoss and the Golden Circle. One of the best airports in the world is located in Iceland. Let us explore the beauty of the world’s best airport layover in Keflavík International Airport.

Keflavík International Airport Reviews-low ceilingKeflavík International Airport of Travellers
Though they are famous for their award-winning services and recognition, the Keflavík International Airport reviews contradict the pretty picture the airport had painted. Most of the Keflavík International Airport reviews say that the airport lacks seats, places are not organized and the ceiling is too small making them feel suffocated. Based on 62 Keflavík International Airport reviews, the airport had an overall score of 4 out of 10 rating by

The Keflavík International Airport has a total of 5 terminals designated from Terminal A to E and each terminal had their own respective restrooms and disability facilities. In case travelers get lost, information desks are on both levels of the passenger terminal. In Terminal 1,  self-service kiosks are located in the departure hall, whereas Tourist information is available in the arrivals area.

KEF has an overall of 6 food establishments and 8 shopping stores. It’s easy to keep connected while at KEF, just connect to their WiFi: “Kefairport-FreeWifi” and start surfing for free with their fast and unlimited internet connection.

Going to Keflavík International Airport is easy because it’s at the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik which is along Route 41. If a traveler is from the city they just have to head southwest on Route 41 for about 45 km (28 miles). Other ways are by bus transportation. Flybus and Gray Line operate from to Reykjavik and travel takes approximately 30-40 minutes. If by Taxi, A-Stöðin and Hreyfill Bæjarleiði are the two companies who cater services for KEF starting at kr8, 500 ($65). For more information, click here.

Location – Traffic – Service
The location of KEF is on the Reykjanes peninsula, take a short drive from Reykjanesbaer (a town in Keflavik) and 50km (31 miles) southwest of the capital Reykjavik. Keflavík International Airport is the main hub for the flag carrier Icelandair with 3 runways. Recent reports proved that the airport’s traffic increased by 16% in 2015 from 2014 which reached over 4.5 million passengers from domestic and international flights, including 20 non-stop destinations in United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Europe.

Airport Map
Keflavík International Airport Reviews-map
Keflavík International Airport Reviews-us military Past:
During the World War II the US Military desired increase in military power by operating heavy bombers at Keflavik airfield. The airport’s construction started in May 1942. Initially, the airport’s purpose has been just for military services, but later on progressed to refuelling stop for civil aviation crossing the Atlantic. After the withdrawal of the US Military forces in 1947, the airport was handed to Iceland which was rebranded to Keflavík International Airport in 1951.

Keflavík International Airport Reviews-Björn Óli Hauksson
Björn Óli Hauksson

Present: In December 2008, the new appointed CEO of the Icelandic airport is Mr. Björn Óli Hauksson. Mr. Hauksson was an operational engineer prior to being the leader of Keflavík International Airport . In 2013, the airport faced big challenges during the volcanic eruption where a large area in airspace was closed for a while. Flights were temporarily cancelled and transferred to another country. It is through the wisely planned decisions of their leader that the airport still managed to continue operations during those difficulties.

Future: Due to the constant increase of passengers of KEF annually, the airport expects more than 23% rise this year and following years. Oslo-based Nordic architecture centers are redesigning the new master plan for Keflavík International Airport since the airport is the main hub for bridging flights between Europe and North America.

As evident as it’s shown, Kudos to Keflavík International Airport! They had already won several recognitions and achievements. But let me just enumerate the awards they gathered in 2015:

  • Best Airport in Northern Europe
  • Best Airport Staff in Europe
  • Top 5 on the Best Airports (under 5 million passenger annually)

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                     KEF
  • Phone number:                  +354 425 6000
  • Fax number:                      +354 425 6010
  • Email Address:          
  • Fax number:                      +354 425 6010
  • Website URL:           
  • Address:                             Southern Peninsula, 235, Iceland

To Sum It Up
If you would base your thoughts about Keflavík International Airport from reviews you will be unsatisfied, but if you’ll briefly observe the overall performance and services of KEF, it is obvious that this airport is one of the best airports in the world. Plus the fact that their staff was even world renowned to be accommodating and friendly.

I personally never had been at Keflavík International Airport, but after writing this review… I will definitely love to fly with the international airport of Iceland. Have you been to Keflavík International Airport? Feel free to share your recent experience below.




  1. I sure love Iceland but not its international airport. I am not pretty convinced with the overall services of KEF.
    The staffs are rude and unprofessional, I am not stupid enough to not know that my luggage allowance exceeded but their fees are too high for extra weight. And I now, I am not alone with this complaint.

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