Kazan International Airport Reviews

Kazan International Airport Reviews-KazanYou might be wondering why are we writing a review about Kazan International Airport. Well, first let’s get to know what is Kazan.

Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and it’s the eighth most populous city in Russia.

Moving forward, Kazan International Airport (KZN) was the airport that made it to the 100th spot in this year’s World’s Top 100 Airports by Skytrax. Now, let’s take a closer look at a Russian international airport headquartered in Tatarstan, Russia.


Kazan International Airport consists of more than 30 check-In slots, 7 conveyor belts. There are 5 banks that offer ATM’s in Terminal 1A. The information desk is located at the Terminal 1A in front of domestic arrival area.

facilityThere are 8 restaurants available in both landside and airside. All restaurants are open 24 hours a day. The shops consists of 3 separate duty-free shops, selling alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, chocolates, and other merchandise. KZN also has popular brands such as Costa Coffee. Priority-class passengers can avail of VIP and business servicing on their request.

There’s a free Wi-Fi network access throughout the airport; just connect to “AirportKznForFree”.

Getting To and From

Travellers can get to the airport by public transport, by car, by taxi, or by aeroexpress.  Upon arrival to IAK, travellers could order a taxi at a special post, which stands in the total arrivals hall of Terminal 1A. If driving, cars can be left in the parking lot.
Kazan International Airport Reviews-Aeroexpress
There is an authorized taxi service at Kazan International airport, so it’s no hassle to order a trip at the taxi stand.

Location – Traffic – Service

Being the 15th busiest airport in Russia, Kazan International Airport serves as the hub for UVT Aero, parking for Aeroflot, taxiing by S7 Airlines and Air Arabia. Tatarstan Airlines used to have its head office on the airport’s property, but had recently ceased operation in 2014. The most popular international flight of KZN is to Istanbul, Turkey.

The new 3,700-meter runway was built, and Runway Edge Lights were added on both of the runways. This made it possible for Kazan International Airport to operate 24/7. KZN can actually sustain around 3 million passengers, but had only received 1,942,408 passengers in 2014.

2013 Development: Terminal 1A
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In 2008, the President of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev, began creating a set of major reform projects in Kazan. Apart from repairing the streets, bringing in investments, integrating English language, and improving the bus route system in Kazan, Mr. Shaimiev also began to completely redesign the international airport of Kazan. Terminal 1A and a complete redesign of Terminal 1 was done. Further expansion and creation of Terminal 2 will be done before the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Kazan International Airport Reviews

However, Kazan International Airport reviews are not as positive as what the Russian international airport had been receiving lately. According to travellers, KZN has few facilities and the airport is too small to be considered as an international air facility. Others find the airport too basic, especially the manual transactions that frustrate customer in waiting and dealing with more stuff while being on an extreme jet lag. Overall, Kazan International Airport got a 4/10 score rating.

Contact Information:

  • Kazan International Airport Reviews-logoAirport Code:         KZN
  • Phone Number:     +7 843 267-88-07
  • Website URL:        http://www.kazan.aero/en/
  • Address:                ul. Aeroport, 1, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420017


To be honest, there’s only limited information about Kazan International Airport. But, we were glad that we’re able to gather these information above to guide more travellers flying or who will fly with KZN in the future. Have you used Kazan International Airport before? Feel free to leave a comment below.




  1. they are the only international carrier. Apart from immigration refusing to acknowledge the computer generated form from the Russian Federation’s London Embassy (which meant I had to fill one in by hand) everything was fine. I was in and out of the airport inside half-an-hour.

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