It’s time to take a look at how Justfly is doing in 2018.  JustFly is owned by Momentum Travel Group, a large American based travel company. They run other online travel agencies as well, but Justfly is one of their main brands. They service millions of customers worldwide, primarily however focusing on the US market. They’ve been in business for 20 years.

In this review we’re going to be looking at the most accurate way to judge a company from afar, by seeing what their actual customers are saying about the experiences they’ve had with them. This can be a trick task as it can be a challenge to find reputable sources that provide actual customer testimonials.

We’re going to be looking at two main trusted sources to gather this information, TrustPilot and SiteJabber. they are both very large online review platforms that  play in fairness to the customer and the company and are not biased in either direction. Both websites require that customers submit actual booking itinerary or invoice numbers before submitting a review, the numbers are then verified with the company providing the service and if everything goes well then the customer’s review is verified and posted online. It’s important to have these measures in place because often times competitors will pay 3rd party companies to spam their competition on review platforms.

JustFly TrustPilot Reviews

Right off the bat, things look great for JustFly on TrustPilot. It seems as though the company has done both a good job in servicing their customers needs and communicating with upset customers to resolve issues that were posted on TrustPilot. They received an overall score of 5/5 stars out of 136,916 overall reviews which is astonishing. But, let’s take a closer look.

The most recent JustFly review left on the Truspilot page was from “Janice” who gave them a 4 star review stating:

So far so good. No real issues. It was easy to book and we received a good deal. I thought I purchased seat selection and I even wrote them down, but I don’t have a receipt for them. When I clicked on seat selection, It seemed to have charged my credit card. I do not know if I paid twice or not. Phone call I guess.

We’re unsure of the outcome on whether or not Janice did indeed pay twice or if she was double charged but it seems as though she was satisfied with her order all in all. We’re also aware that JustFly is good if issues like that do occur, they’re known to quickly reimburse their customers.


The next review came from Antwan who gave the company a 5 star review and stated;

JustFly was quick and easy to use, not to mention I saved a few hundred dollars! Definitely a win/win

JustFly Reviews on SiteJabber

The next platform we’ll be looking at for our JustFly reviews is Another trusted online review platform like TrustPilot who requires customers to provide booking details in order to confirm that the statements given are actually true. All in all they received a total of 2,422 reviews with a final total score of 3.5 stars out of 5. A little less perfect than TrustPilot, so let’s have a closer look at what people are saying.

The first review that we’ll be looking at comes from James a. who gave them a 5 star review for his trip to Japan stating:

Just fly was cheaper than anyone else. Got the exact same flight as other website, just cheaper. now i have to write more for 100 characters

Well it’s kind of funny around the end what was written but great to hear that the flight was cheaper than everyone else he looked at seeing as for a lot of customers price is the first and foremost thing that they look at when purchasing a ticket.
The next review came from Carol D. who gave yet another 5 star review, let’s see what she said about her experience:

Everything went smoothly. We had no problems whatsoever. Would use JustFly again. The money saved was substantial, service great and just an all in all good experience.

You can also see in her review she filled out the emta details. SiteJabber gives customers the option to rate individual aspects of their experience rather than just rating the overall experience. When this is done Sitejabber actually averages out the overall star rating from the meta details and creates the overall star rating score. One thing we found kind of funny was that she had rated the “shipping” as 5 stars. We guess since everything else was 5 star she ticked this off the same way since it doesn’t apply.

This bring rise to questioning JustFlys overall score. Seeing as a art of the rating is actually comprised of elements taht are not applicable to their service how often do customers become confused and just give non applicable services a 1 star rating. This could explain the large difference from the rating that we saw on Trustpilot versus the rating we see here on sitejabber.

All in all, JustFly seems to be doing a great job keeping their customers happy and we have personal experience using the company and have had nothing but a good experience. We rarely highly rate companies on TheFlightReviews but considering everything JustFly is one of those exceptions that we give a 5 star rating to.
We hope that you enjoyed reading these JustFly Reviews and have safe and happy travels!


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