One thing that keeps us from travelling is an empty wallet, not that we don’t have money, it’s just that, we don’t have enough money to pay for flight tickets. So, to all online travel agencies out there providing cheap prices, thank you.


JustFly mainly aims for two things, sell the cheapest airline tickets and innovate, not imitate. JustFly is operational with a team of technological experts and travel savvy individuals. Their 4 core values are, Passion, Innovation, Execution and Dedication.

What people are saying

Several positive reviews were posted on JustFly’s facebook page, customers were showing their appreciation with the agency’s efficient service in taking them where they wanted to go. One fellow complimented the agency’s customer support for their accurate and quick assistance regarding his problem, representatives are considered to be professionals in what they do. JustFly is considered to be a trustworthy and excellent travel agency provider.


Customers were happy to find tickets with low price rates on, the process of booking was also easy and quick according to them.

On JustFly got an 88% for service rating and 93% for products.There were some negative reviews bashing the agency’s service, but most of the comments were good. Well, not everyone is gonna show love.

The Website

JustFly's website
JustFly’s website

Their website has nothing new to offer, but everything can be done with ease. Looking for flights and booking them only takes 3 to 4 minutes. Customers can check and manage their flight status by creating an account on their website and logging in. They promote deals is by showing a gallery of beautiful destinations worldwide. JustFly assures the prices to be affordable and reasonable at the same time. JustFly also allows customers to reserve hotels in their itinerary.

Customer Service

Customers can get in touch with JustFlys customer support 24/7. Enquiries like changing and cancellation of flights are honoured by their customer service, so is checking in of course. They have a page for most popular questions so customers can easily get the information they want.



JustFly has relationships with almost 400 airlines in the world to provide the cheapest price available to their customers from a vast array of air travel providers. They are confident that their service is second to none when it comes to providing low price rates.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:1-800-717-5015


Justfly is ambitious and on a great run, their service is already being recognized worldwide. Customers are also happy with JustFly’s  travel service. In a way online travel agencies have a similar way of doing things, so JustFly is not aiming for uniqueness, rather credibility.

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  1. Their customer service wasn’t helpful when I called for questions. 3 different representatives, not a single one of them gave me the specific information I needed about their deals for international flights.

  2. This is actually the WORST company to do business with if you travel …This people trained just like a puppets – no help at all on any aspects of my problem ..I miscalculated my time and was in the airport not 2 hours prior but one hour prior the flight – I still couldn’t make it, because the security check line was insane…So I missed one flight our of 6 of my itinerary, but they totaled the whole ticket ….I hope Karma will get them all!!!! Please be AWARE !!!! I’m going to leave this review on all my social media platforms, because people must know about such


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