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logo2In records, the American online travel site show it was founded in 2000 and that is the only history information disclosed about Justairticket, I wonder why? They are an online travel agency which caters travel results both from domestic and international and was recognized by their commitment, values and dedication to customer service. Like other travel sites,  the search engine filters results with other online travel sites to provide customers the best comparison price possible.

Why Justairticket?
In their company’s description they said that they are experts in offering travel itineraries fit to their customer’s preference and results are guaranteed to be of the best quality and flexibility. They use an advanced kind of technology to supply travel inventory at competitive pricing to all segments of the travel industry.
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The travel site’s overall impact looks calm and easy to navigate. On the front page, it offers their last minute airfare deals, hotel deals and car rental deals. To be more specific with their offerings, scroll down and they are categorized into flight, airline and route. They also promptly show some of their customer reviews on the main page of Justairticket, but I find it one-sided since there are no forum sites mentioned where those consumers had posted that feedback.

For customer service support, their toll free number is +1 800 940 9345 operates 24/7 or view their social media account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which is found at the bottom right of the page. When it comes to payments, Justairticket accepts credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.

Why NOT Justairticket?
There’s not much feedback posted online regarding Justairticket, but there are some comments and reports showing extreme anger over the travel site. On Ripoff Report, a consumer said:

This company is super shady. It is another Indian company that promises the sky and delivers nothing. I purchased two tickets for my wife and daughter and needed to change the flights to a different destination. I purchased their travel insurance for this very eventuality. All they do is to block me and tell me that the only thing I can do is pay them $200 per ticket to merely postpone the ticket for 6 months–.” To see the full story, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          www.justairticket.com
  • Contact Number:                     201 942 1029
  • Contact Email:                         support@justairticket.com
  • Fax Number:                            201 942 1039
  • Head Office Address:               InfinityWaves, LLC, 2500 Plaza 5, 25th floor , Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City,
    NJ 07311 
    United States

Sometimes it is really hard to determine if a travel site is reliable or legit. Justairticket looks good but their consumers are telling a different story. I know it’s easy to say that the site is good and the feedback is just fake but we can also think that the site is a fraud and that the negative comments are evidences. So don’t just trust a good-looking site or a suspicious complaint, dive more into facts.

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  1. False adverting, they advertise the lowest fares on many comparison websites then you go right through to the payment stage which takes a lot of time filling everything in then will just lead you to an error message saying “We apologize for the inconvenience”

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