Juneyao Airlines Review

Auspicious Airlines? Do you want to know why this regional Chinese airlines was known to be “Auspicious”? Me too. auspicious means showing or suggesting that the future success is likely. Let’s have a propitious ride with Juneyao Airlines!

Juneyao Airlines Review - Wang Junjin
Wang Junjin

Commencement of the Auspicious Airlines
The regional airline was founded by Wang Junjin and Wang Junhao in 2005 as a product of Juneyao Group. However they started operations on September 25, 2006. The Chief Executive Officer of the airlines, Mr. Wang Junjing, is a 36 year old Chinese man which is also the Chairman of  the Juneyao Group.

The Juneyao Airlines is a low cost carrier with its main hubs is at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The fleet size of Juneyao Airlines is a total of 45 which consists of 36 Airbus A320 and 9 Airbus A321. The airlines is not a member of any of the three major airline alliances. However Star Alliance has been keeping a close eye on them since 2010.

Did you know that the airlines is also known as an “Auspicious Airline”? The symbol of the low cost carrier is an ancient auspicious phoenix, which means in traditional Chinese culture to express a century-old company with devotion in providing best service locally and internationally.
Juneyao Airlines Review - Auspicious Phoenix

Same with the attendants uniform with claret-red, purple and gold colours into a Chinese cheongsam which represents the traditional dress of the Chinese, the color alone resembles the elegant and modest oriental lady.

On January 7, 2014 the airline won the award for “Annual Best Air Line Development Airline 2013”

Services offered in Juneyao Airlines
Juneyao Airlines has two cabin classes: Economy and Business Class. The food is basic Chinese food, chinese bread, biscuit, pasta, rice and veggies. An orange is always present in every meal served by the airlines. 

The baggage allowance for Economy and Business Class, customers are entitled up to 23 kg of per luggage, wherein the other one is up to 40 kg. Both classes are only allowed to bring the maximum of 2 pieces luggage.

The airlines doesn’t have a flyer program. However, Juneyao Airlines has online shopping accessible on the website, Ruyi at Home, this was added to enhance the customer service of Juneyao Airlines. Ruyi means “as desired; as you wish”.

Juneyao Airlines’ Official website and Mobile app
Foreign customers have difficulty in browsing the official website which shows a lot of Chinese characters. So then, Juneyao Airlines created an English website to ease the tension. To get the English version of the website, click here.
Juneyao Airlines Review - English Website
As for now, let us explore the official website of the airlines.

The official website of Juneyao Airlines allows customers to book flights either one-way or round-trip, check-in online, check flight status. Though as you get there, the first thing you will see, is flashing images on a pink background of their latest deals and offers. The official website allows customer to change the language to Japanese and Thai.

Juneyao Airlines is now also available on a Mobile app. The mobile app feature lets customers check-in online, book flights, check flight status and travel information a traveller needs. Juneyao Airlines’ mobile app is ready to download in the App store and Google play store.
Juneyao Airlines Review - Mobile app

Customer’s Complains
In this Juneyao Airlines review, the airline is receiving an average feedback from customers. One of the recent reviews was on September 7, 2015, the reviewer said it was a reasonable flight for domestic service. In the review, there was a short 20 minutes stop in Wuhan which made up for the lost time from the delayed departure. However the reviewer noted that the cabin crew speaks limited English but on a positive note he said the attendants are happy to help. The reviewer was an Australian traveller he gave the airlines a 6/10 rating by Airlinequality.com

Contact information

  • Website URL:                www.juneyaoairlines.com
  • Contact number:           +86 21 2238 8888
  • Contact Email:              marketing@juneyaoairlines.com
  • Fax Number:                 +86 21 2235 6222
  • Head Office Address:    80 Hongxiang Rd. San Lu, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, China

In this Juneyao Airlines review, the airline is really auspicious! Imagine the nephew of the Airlines CEO, Mr. Wang Han, to be one of the World’s youngest billionaires? Don’t believe me? Then click here. The airlines never dreamed for success they are working for it. The airlines goes up to 89th spot in this year’s “The World’s Top 100 Airlines” from being the 118th last year. What can you say about this? Feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. I was very late for check in and I called them before hand trying my luck and hoping against hope that they would keep the counter open for me. They asked for my passport number and asked me to come to a particular counter asap (all in Chinese they spoke no English). When I reached the counter my boarding card was ready and was asked to rush for boarding, then when I boarded they gave me a drink.

  2. I was in XI AN , China waiting inline to check in. As Im waiting I cant help but notice ppl cutting in front of the line for whatever reason. Then it is finally my turn to check in and Im told I m late by a few minutes and therefore my seat was given away. Had the clerk refused the ppl who cut in line then none of this would have happen.
    I then asked ” how can I get on a another flight” I was told to go to another area. I go to this area , wait in line while again ppl are cutting in front of the line. It is finally my turn. Again I m told to go to another area.
    I go to the new area , and history repeats itself. This happens a total of 5 times!!! Im not kidding.
    Finally a very kind customer service rep from EASTERN CHINA AIRLINES , tries to help me out only to realise that there is no method of getting a ticket from JUNEYAO AIRLINES cause they have no customer service booth.

    To make matters worse I just discovered that Im only getting 90 RMB refund from a 400 RMB ticket.

    If the clerk wouldnt have let ppl cut infront of the line ,I wouldnt have been late.
    I wonder if the plane leaves late or arrives late can I receive a refund?
    Maybe the worst airline ive ever flown

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