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If you are imagining about safaris, giraffes, and lions when you hear about “South Africa,” then you definitely need to know more about the country. But, today we’ll be sharing some things about the 120-year-old city in Africa, which is still one of the youngest major cities in the world.

Well, did you know that OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg was named after the famous former leader of the African National Congress. The airport is the biggest and busiest airport on the continent of Africa. Discover Johannesburg and its international airport: Johannesburg International Airport (JNB).

Airport Facilities

Johannesburg International Airport Reviews-shopsAs the biggest airport in Africa, Johannesburg International Airport has several facilities found at the airport. Let us help you with them. Information desks are located in the arrivals and departures areas of the international terminal and also in the arrivals halls of the domestic terminal.

There are restrooms in all terminal buildings. Baby-changing facilities and other amenities for young children are available in most ladies’ restrooms. Showers are available in the Bidvest, Ses’fikile, and Shongolo Lounges.

Johannesburg International Airport Reviews-insideThere are plenty of places to eat and drink at JNB. These outlets include cafés, juice bars, steak houses, and fast-food restaurants. Also, Johannesburg International Airport has a wide variety of shops, including a duty-free mall in Terminal A. Among the specialist shops are gift retailers, bookshops, designer clothing brands, and jewellers.

Johannesburg International Airport is open for 24 hours and free WiFi is available for 30 minutes. The internet provider is “AlwaysOn.” Additionally, static computer terminals, with internet capabilities, are also available at JNB.


Here’s how you’ll get to JNB by driving: From Johannesburg, take the eastbound R24 to the airport; from Pretoria, take the R21. The airport is clearly signposted from these approach roads. The total drive time from Johannesburg to the airport is approximately 25 minutes.

GautrainIf you are planning to use public transportation, be advised that the high-speed train Gautrain runs between the airport and Sandton with 10 minutes estimated travel time. Magic Bus also operates scheduled bus services to Sun City and other destinations. (an office on the ground floor of the domestic car park building).  Official taxis operate from in front of the multi-storey car park building. The journey time to central Johannesburg is upwards of 30 minutes.

Location – Traffic – Service

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President Oliver Tambo

The air facility known as Jan Smuts Airport was founded in 1952. You might be wondering who is Jan Smuts? He is actually “Jan Christiaan Smuts,” a prominent South African and British Commonwealth statesman, military leader, and philosopher. The airport was established two years after his death.

Now, the airport is also known as “O. R. Tambo International Airport” (Oliver Tambo, a former President of the African National Congress). It is located 22km (14 miles) east of Johannesburg, and about 35 km (20 miles) south of Pretoria,  serving as a hub for Airlink, Comair, Interair South Africa, South African Airways, South African Express, Mango, and Kulula.
Johannesburg International Airport Reviews-South African Airways
There are six terminals at the airport, but these can be broken down into three major areas: the international terminals, the domestic terminals, and the transit terminals. It is estimated that 28 million passengers pass through its terminals every year.

Airport/Terminal Map
Johannesburg International Airport Reviews-Map

Johannesburg International Airport Reviews

Unfortunately, the air facility had been getting a lot of complaints and comments from travellers. On Skytrax, out of 187 Johannesburg International Airport reviews, they gave the airport a 4/10 score rating. Even the most recent posts are showing a lot of dissatisfaction over the airport’s services and facilities. The main problem revolves around the lines that take forever and travellers blame the system and process of the airport as being unorganized.

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Contact Information:


  • Airport Code:        JNB
  • Phone Number:    +27 11 921 6262
  • Website URL:
  • Address:               O R Tambo Airport Rd, Johannesburg, 1627, South Africa


The Johannesburg International Airport reviews might be the reason why the airport has ranked down from 24th last year down to 30th spot in this year’s World’s Top 100 Airports. This might sound bad, but if you’ll look on the positive side, it only shows that the airport had been fighting and trying to maintain at a good standing even after all those Johannesburg International Airport reviews online.

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  1. You cannot hear a word the people are saying over the speaker system. The system should be clear and the people speaking should speak slowly and clearly. The screens stating what flights are boarding, delayed etc were 20 min behind the actual boarding process.

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