More than twenty years ago, Itravel2000 came into existence at Ontario, and since then, it has been aiming at superior service, a better selection of travel airline companies and better prices. As a leading industry of its kind, the company is famous in Canada for its excellent customer care. During our research, we saw a lot of Itravel reviews in 2014 was so The Flights Reviews is proud to present a clear Itravel2000 reviews in 2015 and see all the changes!

The Customer Care

No other airline company acts in this way, and when I say no one, I mean no one. The travel agents that have been hired not only form a whole army, but a whole intelligible and cooperative army. According to the reviews, once you decide to book a flight through Itravel2000, the agents get involved in your business as if it were their own. They would call you and email you the details themselves, guiding you by your hand through all the basic steps required. Also, the travel agents have detailed information to design the trip of the customers for them.

Deals and Sales

Chockfull of deals and discounts that are extremely interesting and astounding, the company has been able to link its sales to the destinations. For instance, flights to the European countries are not only cheap but also have the facility of Open Jaw tickets. These are those tickets that allow you to fly in one city and fly out of another. The company also has deals to elsewhere in the world, with New York a prominent destination of most of the people, and therefore flights to that place a particular focus of the deals. The company has also stacked a whole lot of information on the last minute bookings at extremely convenient rates. Are you in a hurry? Have you run out of time? Simply go to the last minute section on the website and choose a flight from the list. Also, the company guarantees to get you the cheapest flight possible. According to an offer, a fifty dollar extra credit will be paid to the customer in the event he or she is able to find a flight that is at a lower rate than the one booked. Such a deal, in the opinion of the public, sparks interest and confidence and is extremely useful in expanding the market. There is no doubt, therefore, that this company is one of the most famous in Ontario, Canada where the competition is wild and fierce.

The Website

One word for the website: comprehensive. The website interface is not only convenient for anyone who is not fluent in business; it is also simple and detailed. No amount of necessary information has been left out as far as our investigation went. Even if someone has a query that is not satisfied by the information already uploaded, it is extremely easy to get the queries answered because of the helpline that is functional 24/7 with travel agents that are only too eager to help. The website, on critical lines, should get an appraisal. The customer reviews and polls online have also agreed on this point unanimously.

Concluding the Story

As a conclusion to the Itravel2000 review, the balance has been tipped in favor of the itravel2000. Skimming through all the points gathered by the Itravel2000 reviews, it has been realized that the company has, in fact, put in a lot of hard work to reach where it currently stands. The company has been able to satisfy thousands of customers multiple times, and it has been noticed that a customer who travels once using this company tends to repeat this action again and again. If you want to go on a vacation and travel online, the company’s website should be checked out at least once.



  1. itravel2000 isn’t good…I go with discount agency — They always have the best price and great service to go along….You also dont have to speak with a robot like at itravel..

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