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Richard Solomons

The British multinational hotels company was dates back to 1777, when Mr. William Bass established Bass Brewery, where his brewery was one of the leading brewers in United Kingdom. However InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) officially started operations in April 15, 2003.

IHG Hotels is a product of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The aim of this page is to help travelers find the cheapest hotel reservations in one search engine. In 2006, All Nippon Airways (ANA) merged with IHG to make them their sole provider of hotel reservations. A british businessman, Richard Solomons, is the Chief Executive Officer of IHG. He is the face behind IHG’s continuous success.

IHG is proud of its other brands that includes Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Hotel Indigo and Staybridge Suites as it is shown on the top center of the page. The features of IHG let travelers find the most enticing hotel deals at a reasonable price, this will ask customers destination, check-in and check-out date and rate performance preference.
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The travel site also provides other tourist attractions worldwide with their “Featured Destinations” and “Other popular destinations”. For customers who want to see their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, the link to access is located on the later part of the page. IHG also has a mobile app of this services available for Android and iOS users.

The hotel site is one of the not-recommended online hotel agencies for its several and consecutive complaints and feedback from travelers. Customers are anxious about their customer service support specially over the phone. One reviewer said:

‘I’m a platinum member and have had consistent issues when I speak to customer service to book or change reservations. It feels like I’m talking to a robot. I will explain the request or the issue and they’ll place me hold for minutes, not a minute or two but up to five or more. They’ll come back on the line and I have to repeat myself over and over. They simply don’t listen. Then it gets worse from there.

I’ve been disconnected more than once or placed on hold and just cold transferred. Someone will pick up and say “how can I help you?” with no knowledge of the issue or notice/introduction from the previous agent. This may not sound too bad but I’m now on my third major issue that has required at least 10 calls with no resolution. It’s truly disappointing that IHG has cut costs to the point where their customer service is downright AWFUL. DO NOT USE IHG.”

To be honest, this was the shortest review I had found, because majority of the comments are really long and you wouldn’t love to use IHG after reading these.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                  www.ihg.com/hotels
  • Contact number:             +44 (0) 1895 512000
  • Contact Email:                emma.corcoran@ihg.com
  • Fax Number:                   +632 857 8787
  • Head Office Address:       Broadwater Park Denham Buckinghamshire UB9 5HR UK 

adviceAdvice to Revise
I think IHG should improve their website services because the mobile app is easier to navigate. They should actually make their main page convincing more than the travel app, because not all customers are comfortable are entering security and payment information via mobile phones. They also should at least reply to IHG Hotels reviews because customers value responses from the company itself, they don’t want to feel neglected.
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  1. Everyone was very rude from management to housekeeping. Every time I asked a question I was brushed off. Sheets were dirty. When I asked for them to be changed the young girl just handed them to me and walked away. I will never stay at Carlisle Barracks again!

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