Icelandair Airlines Review

Do you know that Iceland has the most active volcano area in the world and the largest waterfall and glacier in Europe? Iceland has the cleanest population in the world with long life expectancy. Well, do you know that Icelandair Airlines’ aim is to provide their customers with the best service? Break the ice! Let’s see how cool Icelandair Airlines is.

The land of ICE
Icelandair Airlines was founded at Akureyri in 1937 as Flugfélag Akureyrar. Wherein the first flight was initiated in 1938. The name was changed in 1940 as “Flugfélag Islands”  which means Flight Company of Iceland, there were two unrelated airlines named “Flugfélag Islands” within the country, one had to change its name to “Iceland Airways”. In the end, in the 1950s they finalized to use the name Icelandair for their international flights.

A 41 year old Icelander bachelor degree holder in Economics and Business Administration, Mr. Birkir Hόlm Guðnason has been the CEO of the national flag carrier of Iceland since May 2008.

Icelandair Airlines Review - Birkir Hόlm Guðnason
Birkir Hόlm Guðnason

Recently a banking crisis and volcanic eruption happened in Iceland wherein passengers stopped booking their flights and holidays. The strategic creativity of the young CEO saw things in a positive light when the volcanic eruption occurred. He still continued the airlines’ operation despite the risk of a possible fatal accident due to the volcano’s air pollution. Mr. Gudnason was able to fulfill 75% of the schedule, which gave the airlines lots of positive feedback and commendations.

Icelandair Airlines Review - Eyjafjallajokull Volcano
Icelandair Airlines FACTS
The Icelandair Airlines employs about 240 people, which consists of airline veterans and new recruits to the aviation industry. They believe this mixture will be a productive breadth to maintain their aim of providing the best service. The airlines’ head office is located at Reykjavik Airport, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Although there are various sub-offices located in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, North America, Norway, Sweden, UK & Ireland. To get the full list, click here.

The airlines operates out of Iceland, and uses the geographical location mid-way between America and Europe. The airlines is in a nice spot for networking international routes.

The Icelandair Airlines considers their aircrafts as babies. Just so you know, they actually provide names to each aircraft based on Icelandic Volcanoes. To see the list of names,
click here.

Saga Services
The Icelandair Airlines has a specific and epic class called, Saga Class. The customers get to experience luxurious comfort. Customers are entitled with pre-flight drink, hot towels, and duvet covers for overnight travels. A selection of wines and gourmet meals are offered by their attendants. Amenity kits are provided to customers on North American routes. One of the comforts their customers will experience in-flight is their 4-abreast 40” / 101 cm wide seats with plenty of legroom, the seat has an output for headphones, and an electric outlet for their customer’s personal devices such as laptops or mobile devices located between the seats. The airlines in-flight entertainment system includes noise cancelling headphones ready for use.

The airlines show extensive care not only to their customers but also with the customer’s belongings. They have this information page which will give a better heads up for their customers with baggage inquiries. To see the information page, click here.

The Icelandair Airlines frequent flyer program is the Saga Club, it has numerous benefits for their members starting as young as 12 years of age or older. Though corporations, organizations are not eligible for their membership. The pointing system of this program is called Saga Points, which their customers will earn with the flights taken in the last 6 months prior to application. Saga Points earned by their customers can be used for return flights, part-payment flight with Saga Club gift certificates and given great offers.

One of the services, Icelandair Stopover at no additional airfare, gives customers up to 7 nights with no additional airfare on their next trip to Europe. The airlines has a string of services their customers love to know, that they offered an email service subscription wherein their customers can receive the latest deals and offers straight to their inbox.

The Official and Mobile Website
The official website of Icelandair Airlines starts off by asking their customers country and language, after which the selection will automatically lead them to the home page. The home page gives you a broad selection of services. Mainly, it lets their customers book a flight, check their trips, check-in online, and even check flight status. Given its pleasant colours, it also provides detailed information of each section to book a hotel reservation or car rentals. The vacation packages, latest deals and offers and their frequent flyer Saga Club is also visible at the home page of the website. If their customer wishes to still change the language to better understand the website, the language drop down box is located at the top right of the website’s page.
Icelandair Airlines Review - Official Website

The mobile website of the airlines, allows their customers to book flights, book a hotel reservation, check-in online and check their flight status. The mobile version also provides the detailed information section, contact us option and flight schedules.
Icelandair Airlines Review - Mobile Website

What their customers say?
The Icelandair Airlines is getting an above average rating from their customers. As to one recent reviewer said “With Icelandair it was calm, efficient, good value. We took our own sandwiches, but the menu items for sale on the plane looked quite good, not outrageously expensive and are brought to your seat if you pre-order.” he gave the airlines a 9/10. While another reviewer said “Decent enough flight with Icelandair, everything was on time. Entertainment ok. Passenger next to my son had a faulty screen and was given an iPad. Experienced no problems really. Staff polite enough not over friendly. I would fly with them again!” and with that the airline got a 8/10 rating by him.

Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             +354 5050 100
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                   +354 5050 350
  • Head Office Address:      Reykjavik Airport, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

In this Icelandair Airlines review, the airlines have taught us a big lesson: Giving up is not an option. Even when bank crises and volcanic eruptions occurred, these didn’t stop them on providing their customers the quality service they aimed at since Day 1. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing the Icelandair Airlines becoming a part of the top airlines worldwide.

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  1. Flew with Icelandair for 5 years. The service, food and aircrafts are great. To all the readers of this review. I recommend you fly with this airlines.

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