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HotelsCombined is an online hotel agency which provides travelers comprehensive collections of hotel packages. HotelsCombined was founded in 2005 by three former employees of HotelClub; Yury Shar, Brendon McQueen and Michael Doubinski. Since the founders are just staying at home with no fix income, fund raising for the financial capital of HotelsCombined took 9 months for them to gather around and save up and hired their first employee.

As of now, HotelsCombined has over 200 employees and 17 million users monthly and is available in more than 220 countries in 40 different languages.
In 2012, HotelsCombined joined a partnership with Ryanair to rocket the market of and they also are the base of search of Momondo and TravelSupermarkte’s hotel results.

Why HotelsCombined?
This picture of a grumpy polar bear leaves me hanging, to why it is their company symbol? I hope one day HotelsCombined will tell us the relation of the polar bear with travelling. Anyway, HotelsCombined’s main feature lets travelers search and compare hotel reservations, packages and offer. So I tried searching with Heathman Hotel from November 2 to 6 as 1 adult. Here’s how the search result page looks like:
search result
HotelsCombined is user-friendly for the results can be filtered to recommended, stars, price, distance and guest rating. By default the page displays list by recommended and from the cheapest price. HotelsCombined is very informative with this service.

HotelsCombined had gathered several awards in the past 10 years, the most recent achievement they were honored with was being “Website of the Year” by TRAVELtech awards 2010 and “Website of the Week” by Daily Mail. Prior to that HotelsCombined was known as one of the top 10 travel websites ranking by

Why NOT HotelsCombined?HotelsCombined Reviews - complint
Looking to some HotelsCombined reviews, customers are not happy on how things go with HotelsCombined. Other HotelsCombined reviews, show that travelers are commenting mainly about HotelsCombined providing incorrect rates and a ripoff. Here are some of the most recent HotelsCombined reviews posted:

“I used to search for hotels in Cascais, Portugal and found a hotel good deal through company called Vivastay and made a non-refundable reservation. When I got to the hotel in the middle of the night, I found that my reservation was cancelled by the company two weeks earlier without notifying me or returning my money. I ended up losing almost 1000€, had to make another reservation through the hotel which was 200€ more than the original price. Even though I have previously had good experiences with, I don’t think I will be site anymore.”

RGB-HC-logo-REVERSEContact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 61 2 9212 1734
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       61 2 8088 7136
  • Head Office Address:          44 Bay Street, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia

In a Nutshell
Basing all my judgement to some HotelsCombined reviews and factual information gathered, HotelsCombined is really one of the legit online hotel meta search engine for it had proven its legitimacy. I love how they answer all positive and negative comment customers are throwing at them. HotelsCombined has the perfect sense of fair competition. What can you say about them?

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  1. I wish i read these reviews before booking. I just recently booked accomodation for the manta on view. It put me through to It is decieving because it tells you that you have saved big. Then you see the great price and book. Then it voids and you don’t have a booking as they dont have the room or that price anymore. You then find out that you have been charged and you dont even have a booking because it voided.

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