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One friend just saw Hotelhunter through Facebook and can’t find any brief history of the company. Now, she is kind of wondering if it is safe to search and book hotel reservations with Hotelhunter. In this review, we will tackle about the limited information shown about Hotelhunter. You heard me right, there’s not much information about Hotelhunter. Feel free to be the judge afterwards.

Who is Hotelhunter?
When I first try to look for Hotelhunter, what’s shown is only the page itself. Not even LinkedIn, Crunchbase or Tripadvisor have a “Hotelhunter” registered on them. Is it safe? I don’t think so. Like with my previous articles with hotel sites without at least a chief executive officer, founder or description, then let alone itself this means catastrophic results. Do not trust a company who just gives you a physically admiring features without supporting details. Credibility is the number one question in this article. And that’s the character this hotel site is lacking.
Hotelhunter Reviews-page
Moving forward, let us explore Hotelhunter. The page itself shows an image of a blinking blue owl on the top left as their company logo. The owl caught my attention, because it puzzled me how is it even related to hotels? or traveling? Maybe it denotes that the owl is watching over consumers who will go through this site. Next to the owl are options to download the mobile application of Hotelhunter. Looks like we are going somewhere here.

Hotelhunter Reviews-mobile appI checked Hotelhunter reviews from the App store and Google Play Store and it seems like it is just bunch of complaints and doubtful comments shown. Some say that the mobile application doesn’t load, others say it will crash while in the middle of browsing. They find the mobile version of Hotelhunter unreliable and not even saving them from the fact they are not using a PC for online services.

Why NOT Hotelhunter?
The site itself was designed to fool consumers into searching and getting indulged with their offers and booking. This is one of the fraudulent way of scammers to steal money. We should look closely into details. I suggest before booking make sure to search first for customer reviews regarding the company’s credibility. Like the adage says “Give them the benefit of the doubt.”

I tried using their search engine and I felt unsafe proceeding to booking for the results themselves look suspiciously low. It shows that I’ll save $200 if i’ll book now? I noticed this too:

“Save Time and Money! Get up to 80% discounts on hotels. Choose from over 800,000 hotels in 120,000 destinations across 225 countries. Filter search results according to your preferences.”

80%? Really? How can that be possible?
Hotelhunter Reviews-logoContact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:              +421 911 571 781
  • Contact Email:       
  • Head Office Address:       050 01 Revúca, Slovakia

Overall Thoughts
After trying to look for Hotelhunter reviews, I am really disappointed that this hotel site was beautifully designed to lure traveler to book and trust them. Let me remind anyone who’ll be reading this review to stay away from Hotelhunter. My friend once gave me a useful advise一he said “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true.”

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  1. I should have called the hotel directly and I would have saved a bunch on money. When I checked into my hotel they had no information as to who or what is Hotelhunter and no credit for the money I paid to Hotelhunter. They are scam!

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