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Hong Kong Disneyland, Bank of China Tower are few of the things you basically know about Hong Kong. Do you want to experience the longest bi-cable aerial ride? How about saffron cruises which looks like a boat with a red large oriental fan? Hong Kong has lot to offer that we might not have yet experienced. Let us see if Hong Kong Airlines has anything going for it that you may never have thought of!

Beginning of Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Airlines traces its roots on March 28, 2001 though initially it was CR Airways established by Mr. Robert Yip. In 2002 the airlines received its certificate to operate; Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)  from Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD). In mid 2007 the name was officially changed to Hong Kong Airlines. The key people and current Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Airlines, Mr. Andrew Cowen, and since Mr. Cowen was the CEO of  the airlines can now accommodate up to two million passengers.

Hong Kong Airlines Reviews - Andrew Cowen
Andrew Cowen

FACTS about Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Airlines main bases are in Hong Kong International  Airport with a fleet size of 25 and is not a member of the three major airline alliances. The logo of the airline is a 5 petal stylized Bauhinia blakeana or the Hong Kong orchid tree and the airlines’ slogan “Hong Kong’s Low-Fare Airline”.

The reward Hong Kong Airlines recently received was “Capital Weekly Service Awards 2012 – Best Service in Aviation” by a popular financial magazine in Hong Kong, Capital Weekly.

Hong Kong Airlines’ Services
There are two cabin classes in Hong Kong Airlines: Economy and Business Class.

Economy Class Passengers are given the privilege to seat selection with extra legroom, pre-order duty free shopping, complimentary meals and beverages including wines are served.
Business Class , are given the priority in check-in counters, free checked baggage allowance, fine dining meals from Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisines includes special dietary requests and wine selections.

The Panasonic eX2 is the airlines main in-flight entertainment system.
Hong Kong Airlines Reviews - panasoni ex2

Hong Kong Airlines provides special assistance to pregnant passengers whether they be in need of a wheelchair, with infants while travelling, unaccompanied minors or needing medical attention. The airline has made a special arrangement to accommodate their customer’s extended needs. To see about it, click here.

The airlines have a frequent flier program however they don’t have a title for that. In this program passengers are entitled to earn Miles per flight with Hong Kong Airlines. Members can use the Miles for discounts in booking a flight, hotel reservations and car rentals.
Hong Kong Airlines Reviews - attendants

PC and Mobile version
Once customers gets on their website, an option to download the mobile version is shown. If customers are having language barrier problems the option to change the language is located on the top right of the page and it’s interchangeable to English, Chinese and Japanese. However the colors of the page are plain white and red which is similar to Hong Kong’s flag. The layout of fonts are too small and often time not understandable and some part of the website words are overlapping.

Hong Kong Airlines Reviews- Website

The features of the website let customers to book international or domestic flights, check-in online, book hotel reservations, car rentals, get travel insurance, check flight status and ticket validation. The sub-functions of the page showing in headings provide customers the option to check on their services, frequent flyer, online shopping and other necessary travel information. The background of the page flashes images of the latest promotions Hong Kong Airlines offers.

The mobile version of Hong Kong Airlines gives customers the option to check flight status and promotions. However as to customer reviews the mobile app is not really helpful and useful to rely on.
Hong Kong Airlines Reviews - Mobile App

Hong Kong Airlines’ Feedback
Hong Kong Airlines receives a lot of “WOW” and praises from their customers. One reviewer was exceptionally happy with his review when he said We flew Hong Kong Airlines from Chongqing to Hong Kong on a Sunday morning. Check in was fast and friendly, my boyfriend asked for an aisle seat and we got upgraded to exit seats without having to ask for it. Flight left approx on time, flight attendants were very polite and friendly and eager to help. Seats were comfortable, plane was quite new. We got a warm breakfast and served cold and hot drinks. Entertainment was good, no personal screens (not necessary on a 2 hour flight), lots of magazines and even English newspaper. We arrived with a 15 minutes delay. For flying at such low fares (comparable to low-cost airlines, where you have to pay for your own food and drinks and cramped in little seats) Hong Kong Airlines offers excellent service.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:                     www.hongkongairlines.com
  • Contact number:                +852 3151 1800
  • Contact Email:                   media@hkairlines.com
  • Fax Number:                      +852 3151 1838
  • Head Office Address:         7th Floor, One Citygate, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung Lantau, Hong Kong

My Last Say
As to sum up together with the other Hong Kong Airlines review, this airline is really uptight with their quality of customer service which makes them reach the 30th spot in this year’s “The World’s Top 100 Airlines” again they proved that language barrier was never a setback for them to compete internationally. What  can you say about them? Feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. I want to visit Disneyland Hong Kong but I wonder if flying with HK Airlines will be a good option. Knowing the staffs doesn’t speak good English. Any suggestions?

  2. Hong Kong airlines charged an expensive fee us for an infant seat (6 month old) last minute at the counter EVEN THOUGH there is no mention of this anywhere on their website or option to select that age group in their booking process. Usually infant seats are free and the way they charged us was unethical and downright illegal. Not impressed !!

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