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The country where you can spot the best place to view the northern lights. In Europe, this is the country with more water and forest. Yes, we are talking about Finland, where the cleanest air is and where the best place to ski is found. Angry Birds were actually Finns, what I mean is the creators or developers of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, are headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Lastly, did you know that the country has the least corrupt government in the world? They are one of the countries with high GDP per capita. Finland is one of the few countries where lost phones are returned. Just imagine that.

Since the country is full of promising activities and positive feedback, I wonder how is it to fly with their main international airport? In this review, let’s talk about Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport Reviews of Customers
We checked the most reliable site to view Helsinki Airport reviews, on Skytrax. HEL had a total of 105 Helsinki Airport Reviews with a 5/10 score rating. This is not what I expected from the least corrupt country with the modest people. Well, according to the most recent comments which are all positive, “Helsinki Airport is a a nice, small and personal airport” -Paavo Kiiveri (Gambia). Other reviewers have noticed that the airport promotes Finnish culture through the airport’s architectural design. It is the best airport for travellers who want peace and harmony.

Since it has a 5/10 overall rating from hundreds of Helsinki Airport reviews, the feedback is mixed with negative comments too. Such as Mr. Chan’s review saying “Small and crowded airport. And because it was crowded, you could not walk fast.” However, he still gave the HEL a 7/10 score for his review about them.

To help you around, information desks are located throughout the airport. One is located on the arrivals level, in between the corridor of Terminal 1 and 2 which is operational 24 hours.

Like other airports. Helsinki Airport has an ATM and cash machines throughout the airport, but for currency exchange, there are 7 found in the departures and arrival halls.

Helsinki Airport Reviews-aspire-loungeShower rooms are available at the airport, but only at the Aspire Lounge, please be notified it is not free. To learn more about their shops, food establishments and other kinds of services, click here.

Helsinki Airport understands that you have to stay connected. Mobile charging stations are located at gates 11, 18–19, 20, 21, 25, 27, 31, 32A, 32, 33, 37 and 38 to keep passengers’ electronic devices running. To keep them connected, unlimited WiFi access is available by connecting to ”Free wireless internet”. There are also 6 internet kiosks available at the service bar in airside-gate 20 which is open 24 hours.

There are a number of ways of getting to and from the airport. Either by bus, car rental, hotel shuttles, taxi or train. If by driving, let us share the most relevant and efficient guide:

Location – Traffic – Service
Helsinki Airport Reviews-finnair-logo
The main international airport of Finland which accommodates 16.4 million passengers annually is located 19 km (11.5 miles) north of Helsinki. Helsinki is the capital and the largest city in Finland. Helsinki Airport is the main hub for the flag carrier, Finnair and other airlines such as Jet Time, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Nordic Regional Airlines and TUIfly Nordic. CityJet will also be part of the team this month (on behalf of SAS). HEL has 3 runways and 2 terminals that serve domestic and international flights.

Their nonstop flights are to 10 European countries (Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Riga, Oslo, Frankfurt, Tallinn, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam). As part of nonstop destinations, here are the top 10 intercontinental routes that HEL has: Japan, China, Thailand, United States, Hong Kong, South-Korea, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Airport/Terminal Map

Helsinki Airport Reviews-airport-mapHelsinki Airport Reviews-terminal-map
The fourth busiest airport in the Nordic countries traces its roots back to 1952 when it was actually built for the Summer Olympics in Helsinki in the same year. Initially, the airport had an air navigation services building, a 2,000-meter-long runway, apron area and a shed for passengers. The 1,800-meter-long auxiliary runway was built a few years later. Regular jet flight operations began in 1959.

Last year (February 2015) there was a proposal to rebrand the airport to “Sibelius Airport” following the last name of the famous composer of Finland. Finnish government ministers and officials had expressed positive feedback for the proposal, but it was refused by the airport management.

They are more focused on the airport’s expansion of the passenger capacity to 20 million by 2020. A special budget of 900 million euros is used to convey annually. Today, 70 new or renovated shops and restaurants have already been opened at the airport.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                  HEL
  • Phone Number:             +358 200 14636
  • Website URL:       
  • Address:                         01531 Vantaa, Finland

Aside from ranking up to the 18th spot this year (19th last year), Helsinki Airport had been recognized  for being 10th from Best Airport Security, 7th from Best Airport Immigration, 10th from World’s Cleanest Airports, 7th from Best Airports in Europe and 3rd from Best Airport Staff in Europe. These awards alone pretty much explained why Helsinki Airport is your typical small-but-terrible airport.

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  1. I’ve transferred here twice in the last two weeks and have been impressed by the user friendly layout friendliness of the staff and the clean modern design – great wood block floors. It’s one of the few airports that has a sense of identity and individuality and there are some interesting shops and a couple of good places for a snack and a drink apart from the inevitable Starbucks.

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