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Helloworld is the official travel site of helloworld.com​​ which are both owned by Helloworld Limited, a leading integrated travel companies in Australia and New Zealand. helloworld traces its roots back to July 22, 2013.

Helloworld Reviews - Jeremy Reitman
Jeremy Reitman

Jeremy Reitman has 14 years of experience in online marketing and is the Chief Executive Officer of helloworld. Did you know he used to be the director of SEO at Expedia? That’s odd in a bit. Well Mr. Reitman brought big change to helloworld when it reported loss of $3.51 million in 6 months (in 2013) and he decided to focus on digital services instead. Thru that helloworld increased for 1.2% on the following year.

In 2014, helloworld was honored with the award of “Australia’s Best Travel Agency Group” by Australian Federation of Travel Agents National Travel Industry Awards

helloworld Services
The online travel agency is powered by Orbitz Worldwide, that pretty much shows on the interface of helloworld with a striking resemblance with its fonts and layout. Helloworld provides travellers the options to search and book flights either one-way or roundtrip. Plus the services of searching for hotel reservations, cruises and car rentals. It is stated that helloworld has no online booking fees.

The right hand of helloworld is the Early Bird flight deals section wherein it shows thumbnails of images for their latest packages and deals. The design will remind you of Window 8’s tiles theme. This section gives airfare details depending on location, destination, cabin class and the results are powered by Qantas Airways.
Helloworld Reviews - mobile app
The travel mobile app of helloworld is available in the App store and Google Play store. This app provides the same features as the PC version works and this was awarded by Apple Inc., as one of iTunes “Best Travel Apps”
Helloworld Reviews - live chat & feedback
If travellers have concerns that are not answerable by the mobile app or the official page itself, an option to talk with a live agent is shown on the bottom right of the page as
“virtual assistant” chat box. However if customers want to send an open suggestion or comment, a feedback button is located next to virtual assistant.

helloworld reviews of customers
It was easy to find helloworld reviews however I was disappointed with several complaints showing by their customers. They were specifically complaining about refunds and customer service agents who were rude and argumentative. One reviewer said on October 19, 2015 I booked flights for myself and my wife last Friday. Received no confirmation email. Called the following day and after been on hold for 25 minutes, I was told that there was an error and my booking did not go through. I was told that my credit card would be credited within 5 days. I had to rebook over the phone which took me right up to my credit limit as now I had 4 flights on it. I also had to pay more than I had paid when booking online. The person I spoke to did their job but I was pretty disappointed with the process. I will have to decide if I will use helloworld in the future.” he gave helloworld 1 out of 5 rating according to Trustpilot.com

Ways To Reach Them:

  • Website URL:                     www.helloworld.com.au/flights
  • Contact number:                +61 2 8229 4000
  • Head Office Address:         3/77 Berry St, North Sydney N SW 2060, Australia 

In a nutshell, with all the helloworld reviews I scan through, the online travel agency left me with an important lesson today. From their experience of almost downfall to rise was really inspiring. Reminds me of a good saying by Mr. Patton: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom”. This definitely reflects to Jeremy’s increase plan. Kudos to helloworld.

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  1. Booked a room with Helloworld and received a confirmation. Showed up at the hotel to check in and was informed no rooms are available. No word from Helloworld. After lengthy call that I initiated a relocation was sorted. Absolutely not acceptable, will not use them again.

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