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HeliSpirit traces its roots back to 1984 and was initially known as Heliwork WA. Heliwork WA was founded by Kimberley aviation pioneer Kerry Slingsby. Though, what made it to what it is now was actually when Michael McConachy and Geoff Hamilton purchased the helicopter division of Heliwork WA in 2014, and rebranded it to HeliSpirit: more commonly known nowadays as
“The Spirit of Australia’s North.”

HeliSpirit Reviews-awardThe multi-award-winning HeliSpirit is the specialist when it comes to discovering Australia’s north by helicopter. With spectacular helicopter flights, HeliSpirit can show customers the best Northern Australia has to offer. It has a National Tourism Quality Accreditation, Ecotourism Certification, and operates with 20 helicopters.

What is HeliSpirit?

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HeliSpirit is renowned for providing a wide range of reliable, highly professional helicopter services to a diverse range of industries.

Or in simple terms. HeliSpirit is basically a West Australian helicopter charter company which offers a range of Kununurra Helicopter Tours, including helifishing, helipicnics, longer itineraries, and Kununurra scenic flights.

helifishingThey are also known for their Helifishing services, which actually means taking a customer on a helicopter flight to fishing locations which are not accessible any other way (except by hiking). Landing close to the spot leaves tourists with a thrilling experience. Another good news for non-fishers out there without any fishing gear: HeliSpirit supplies quality fishing gear for customers to use. Even food and drinks are supplied as well.

But, please be reminded that HeliSpirit’s heli-fishing departs year-round from Kununurra and from April to October, also departs from El Questro Wilderness Park. Both are in Kimberley, Western Australia.

HeliSpirit Reviews of  Customers

We read through several HeliSpirit reviews and saw how happy their customers are with their services. Most of the feedback posted and engaged on TripAdvisor are all 5-starrers. HeliSpirit Reviews-reviewsCustomers keep saying that HeliSpirit is an absolute must and they felt completely safe. Therefore, we would highly recommend them. To see more of these HeliSpirit reviews, click here.

However, if you are looking for Skytrax or TrustPilot feedback pages for HeliSpirit Reviews, we found none. Maybe, because HeliSpirit had eventually been known since 2014. More like 2 years ago, but we are looking forward to seeing and hearing more about HeliSpirit in the future.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                http://www.helispirit.com.au/
  • Contact Number:          1800 1800 85 / +61 8 9168 1101
  • Contact Email:              bookings@helispirit.com.au
  • Fax Number:                 +61 08 9168 3399
  • Physical Address:         LOT 320 Laine Jones Dr, Kununurra WA 6743, Australia
  • Mailing Address:          PO Box 165 Kununurra Airport Kununurra, WA 6743 Australia


Almost everyone of us dreamt of riding a helicopter and some want to personally own one. Who wouldn’t want to be like Anastasia Steele flying on a Charlie Tango to Seattle with the most eligible bachelor and Seattle’s best man, Christian Grey? Relive the Fifty Shades of Grey love story and feel how Anastasia felt riding a helicopter to a destination. It will surely be more fun than a closed aircraft.

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  1. I did the 30 minute flight and loved it. Its the best way to see the gorge and Local waterfalls. I really enjoyed the 13th gorge, its great and all the waterfalls are so different. Highly recommend this to all.

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