Hawaiian Airlines Review

Aloha! Hawaiians are known for being hospitable. Do you want to experience Lei greetings? You are in the right place! Up for surfing and sunbathing? That won’t happen in an Airline though, however you will feel the taste of Hawaiian touch. Hele!

When you hear the word “Hawaii” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Beach, surfing, dancing hawaiian girls. Let us experience authentic Hawaiian hospitality!

When it first hit the Air
Hawaiian Airlines started as “Inter-Island Airways” on January 30, 1929 and started operating on October 6, 1929. However, the name was changed to Hawaiian Airlines on October 1, 1941.

On March 2003, Hawaiian Airlines filed its second bankruptcy and was overdue for $4.5 million worth of payments to the pilots’ pension plan. However, Hawaiian Airlines was able to get back on track in between 2008 and 2010 by starting non-stop flights to The Philippines, Oakland, and Japan approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation

A 51 year old Englishman, Mr. Mark Dunkerley is the current President and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines since June 2, 2005. The president’s open minded attitude towards business about not just growth but also to prosper and do well, keeps the Hawaiian Airlines in good standing from being 88th last year on “The World’s Top 100 Airlines” by Skytrax, now got the 82nd place.

Hawaiian Airlines Review - CEO
Mark Dunkerley

Hawaiian Airlines Website overview
The new look of Hawaiian Airlines website is easy to navigate, they recently changed the overview of the website to arrange customer’s concern accordingly from booking flights, hotel booking, car rental, packages, and flight status.

There’s an option on their website to change your language from English to Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and three more languages.

If the customer is confused with the new layout there’s a video tour or tutorial at the bottom left to educate customers on how to use the new interface of the website. If it doesn’t help, a feedback button is visible at the right center part of the page wherein you can freely comment about the new look of their official website. In case of technical problems or website questioning, they have a technical support team customers can dial at 1-866-586-9419.

Now, you can book a flight, check flight status and schedules, select, change or upgrade your seat and pay baggage fees using a smartphone. Hawaiian Airlines has a Mobile App ready for their customers to just download

Hawaiian Airlines Review - Mobile App

Hawaiian Airlines is at the palm of your hands and on the go. The Mobile App is now available on iOS, and Android.


Things you want to know about Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii. It is running as the 8th largest commercial airline and also was the number one on-time carrier from November 2003 until November 2006 in US. The airlines main hub is at Honolulu International with a fleet size of 3.

Hawaiian Airlines have received plenty of awards and achievements despite the bankruptcy. Starting the first quarter of the year 2001 and the most recent was last July 12, 2009 and August 10, 2011, Hawaiian Airlines was rated the #1 airline serving Hawaii by Travel+Leisure.

What Hawaiian Airline has to offer?
Hawaiian Airlines has only two classes, First Class Service and Economy Class Service. The difference between the classes are,  with the first class service your section will be located in the forward portion of the aircraft wherein the economy class will be behind. When it comes to in-flight meals the first class service will have a choice of cocktails, beers, or wine aside from the complimentary island-inspired cuisine and beverages. The in-flight entertainment is available to both classes, but headsets are by rental for the economy class service. The in-flight magazine Hana Hou! gives out the Hawaiian vibe, let’s you learn more about their people, places, and culture.


Hawaiian Airlines Review - Lei GreetingThe Hawaiian Airlines also have an airport shuttle, the traditional Lei greeting is done. It’s an authentic Hawaiian way of greeting with a necklace of fresh Lei flowers. Showtime Tours partnered the airlines to pick up their customers from McCarran International Airport (LAS) all the way to Las Vegas strip or downtown. Trip insurance is one of the programs the airlines offer.

Customer’s Feedback
In this Hawaiian Airline review, they are reaching almost a perfect score from customer’s reviews. One reviewer gave the airline a 10/10 rating due to the fairness and attentiveness of the attendants, even though they only flew Economy Class, no sense of degrading happened throughout the flight. Another reviewer said “Flyin’ Hawaiians seasonal non stop was a pleasure. Comfortable seating, warm service and good food were the highlights of a comfortable experience. Nothing to add but a hearty recommendation.”


Customer Support
The toll number for Hawaiian Airlines works 24/7, it also works with Call, Email, or Write. Hawaiian Airlines also offers their customers to receive notifications about low fares and special deals, by providing their email address and zip code then the customer gets to subscribe.

Hawaiian Airlines accommodates passengers with special needs. Travelling with children, guests with disabilities, and with a pet. To get more information about their Special Assistance service, click here.

Email service in Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t just go with composing and sending. You are given a choice to select options like asking a question, voicing a concern, making a request, or  to share a compliment. To go directly to that page, click here.

In case customers have lost or damaged their luggages, Hawaiian Airlines has a Call Central Baggage Service at 1-866-389-6654 from 4:00AM-10:00PM HST.


Contact information

  • Website URL:                www.hawaiianairlines.com
  • Contact number:           +1 800 367 5320
  • Fax Number:                 +1 800 835 3690
  • Head Office Address:    3375 Koapaka Street, Suite G-350, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819, USA

In this Hawaiian Airlines review, the airlines never failed their customer to maintain the hospitality they are known for. Hawaiian Airlines keeps growing and improving. I bet they can reach to 50th place by 2016 by Skytrax’s Top 100 Airlines in no time.

I hope this will help you a lot. Feel free to leave a comment below!



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