Hainan Airlines Reviews
“Cherished Experience”, Hainan Airline’s company slogan tells us that they provide services that travelers would love to nurture every time you fly with them. Known as the largest privately owned air service let us see how a flight with Hainan Airlines is cherished.
Hainan Airlines Reviews - crewHainan Airline’s Origin and Ownership
Hainan Airlines traces its roots back to 1989 as Hainan Provincial Airlines in Hainan, China. The airlines was known as to be one of the fastest developing airlines in China. The Hainan Province’s airline aim was to provide eastern hospitality and customer oriented services. The first inaugural flight was from Haikou to Beijing in 1993 and in 1997 the name was officially changed to “Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.”

Hainan Airlines Reviews - Chen Feng
Chen Feng

Chen Feng is a 62 year old Chinese board of director in HNA Group. Mr. Feng is the chairman and founder of Hainan Airlines. He is a graduate of Lufthansa College Air Transportation Management in Germany and also pursued advanced studies for senior management in Harvard Business School.

Hainan Airlines’ (HNA) main bases are at Beijing Capital, Haikou Meilan and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. HNA now has 148 aircrafts serving 90 destinations worldwide and is continuously nominated as Asia’s Leading Airline and had been awarded for the third consecutive year as a 5-star airline by Skytrax in 2013

The airline’s company logo is a stylized yellow colored bird on a red background symbolizing the golden Peng, a Chinese mythical bird that presents great accomplishments.

HNA Services
Hainan Airlines Reviews- Economy Class
Economy Class – passengers enjoy spacious and comfortable spaces with plenty of legroom. Seatback entertainment are attached for travelers to enjoy TV shows, movies, music and games while being served with local Chinese famous dishes or other special requested meals. Children’s personal meals are also served inflight.

Hainan Airlines Reviews - Business ClassBusiness Class – seats and space are designed for traveler’s comfort on board, which can be adjusted to a full 180 degree flat position like a bed. Customers are served with dishes prepared by experienced chefs with a choice of Chinese or Western cuisines. Aside from the seatback audio video system, personal electronic devices are allowed in this class.

The Website and Mobile app
Initially, the website will be asking travelers to select their country and language, this will direct them to the mainpage wherein customers can search for flights, check flight status, check-in online and manage their bookings. The yellow icon shown as “Flash Info” provides latest updates on the airline’s policies and services or other relative aviation news. The majority of the page shows flashing images promoting their latest deals, offers and Fortune Wings Club frequent flyer program.

Since it is known that airlines extend their service via mobile phones, Hainan Airlines sees to it their mobile app was updated for customer’s conviniency. The updated travel app of the airlines had a larger display screen and more functions like checking flight status, booking flights, check-in online and booking management similar to the airline’s website version. Now it’s not only available in the App store but also in the Google Play store.

Customer’s Comments
The airline gathered an overall score of 7 out of 10 on Airlineratings.com and judging throught the most recent Hainan Airlines reviews, passengers are really looking forward to fly again with them. They were even noted with the best cabin service and best domestic airline. What made customers really happy is they were treated like a valued customers.

One reviewer said “the cleanliness and cabin service was really good. The seats for a long flight are better than average. On the return trip, their service to transfer from a domestic flight to international flight including changing terminals in Beijing, when he had only a 2 hour flight and window was outstanding.” He gave the airline a 9 out of 10 rating according to Skytrax.
Hainan Airlines Reviews - logo
Contact information

  • Website URL:                       www.hainanairlines.com
  • Contact number:                  +86 898 6673 9961
  • Contact Email:                     hhfwxx@hnair.com
  • Fax Number:                        +86 898 6673 9960
  • Head Office Address:           HNA Development Building, 7 Guoxing Da Dao, Haikou Hainan Province,
                                                570203, China

Overall Thoughts
According to other Hainan Airlines reviews, the airline is one of the most recommended to ride again. In this review, HNA taught me that to accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. The attitude of the HNA people in providing consistent and efficient customer service was their key to their success. As of now Hainan Airlines is on the 22nd spot out of The World’s Top 100 Airlines according to Skytrax.

Have you flew with them? Feel free to share your experience with them below.



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  1. Cabin was very clean as were the lavatories. The food was good. The snack they served us was seaweed covered peanuts which were very good. In Seattle the customer service agent was very polite and helpful and got us four middle seats together. Flight attendants onboard were very nice and friendly and the flight experienced no delays.

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