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According to CNN’s list of the “10 of the world’s most hated airports”, our Guarulhos International Airport is on the 10th spot. This infamous listing actually piques my curiosity to write a review about the airport of the country known for sports and festivals: Brazil. In this review, we will check if this infamous hate list of the airports really gives out the overall impression of travellers over Guarulhos International Airport.

Let’s start with, what are people saying…

Guarulhos International Airport Reviews of Passengers
Based on 119 Guarulhos International Airport reviews on Skytrax, the airport garnered a rating score of 3/10 which is obviously not a good way to convince customers that they are reliable. One reviewer even said that few staff speak English or understandable English. On a positive note, given that comment, the latest 7 Guarulhos International Airport reviews are scored between 7-9 over 10 which means that GRU is making their way up to improve their standing.

Guarulhos International Airport Reviews-remodeled
Recently, GRU had remodeled four sets of restrooms which are three times bigger the original size, to provide wider, cleaner and more spacious toilet service to each traveller. Information desks are found in the departures and arrivals area of Terminal 1 and 2. To tourist information with the ABAV-SP (The Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies of São Paulo the system is located on the arrival floor of Terminal 1 as well. There are additional 8 food establishments (Montana Express, Risotto Mix, Desfrutti, Vivenda do Camarão, Vienna Snacks, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Red Lobster) and a total of 239 stores all over the airport, specifically in Terminal 1, 2 and 4.

Of course, GRU won’t lose competition over WiFi availability. Passengers can stay connected over WiFi spots in the boarding area with “GRU WIFI.”

Direction – Traffic – Service
Guarulhos International Airport is situated 25 km (18 miles) northeast of São Paulo. Getting directions to and from GRU has several ways, either by taxi, subway, bus or air taxi.

Based on some Guarulhos International Airport reviews and guides, here are some relevant directions:

directionsPublic buses connect GRU with Congonhas Domestic Airport and several other destinations in the center of the city and travel time to downtown  São Paulo usually takes 50 minutes. Alternatively, the Airport Bus Service has regular routes to destinations in and around the city.  However, ticket purchase should be in advance on the arrivals floor of Terminals 1 and 2.

If by shuttle, the minibus operates in the city center as well from outside Terminal 1 and 2 which normally takes 40-50 minutes. Via taxi, it costs starting R$95 and it takes 30-60 minutes into central São Paolo, depending on the traffic which is usually heavy.

The official site had provided a more specific and easier way for directions assistance. To see the tool, click here.

As one of the busiest airports in the country, GRU is the main hub for Avianca Brazil and TAM Airlines. There are only 2 runways that serve nonstop flights to 95 cities. In 2014, the airport had reported a 9.9% growth in traffic and statistics shows that in 2015 GRU had accommodated a total of 38,985,000.

Airport/Terminal Map
Guarulhos International Airport Reviews-map
Past: In 1967, while at the peak of aviation in Brazil, the military government of Brazil established an airport to ease the massive numbers of incoming flights entering and exiting the country. At first, they studied the geographical location and security measures for the airport. The official inauguration of the long-planned air hub was on January 20, 1985.

In 1989, the airport passenger capacity had increased massively from 7.5 million to 8.25 million annually, which kept increasing in 2012 to 28.5 million passengers. This was the main reason why the airport kept on expanding their terminals and runways by then.
Guarulhos International Airport Reviews-expansion
Present and Future: However, according to Forbes, only 41 percent of all flights leave on time. Which literally means that GRU might have a huge amount of traffic, but had difficulty in handling flight schedule distribution. Of course, it is always the plan of any airport to expand their terminals and runways in time. Guarulhos International Airport was honored with third best airport in South America at the 2011 World Airport Awards and fourth best in 2015.
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:             GRU
  • Phone Number:         +55 11 2445-2945
  • Website URL:   
  • Address:                    Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/nº – Cumbica, Guarulhos – SP, 07190-100, Brazil

It seems like the Guarulhos International Airport is struggling over a tremendous number of passengers, judging through Guarulhos International Airport reviews that express frustration over the number of delayed flights and unsuccessful connecting flights. Maybe, GRU needs to focus more or be mindful about the current scheduling process rather than be thinking about the expansion.

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  1. After having travelled to few hundred airports, Guarulhos Airport – Sao Paulo is the proud recipient of the worst transit airport in the world. The signs do not work and because of tourists do not know Portugese, noone appears to be friendly. Looking for gate information on screens does not help (it does not work), attendants dont know either so no point asking them.

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