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Do you know what Gold Coast is? Well, if you are looking for fun then you are in the right city in Queensland, Australia. Let me give you a trivia first, did you know that “Gold Coast” was originally known as South Coast since its location is in the South of Brisbane. Apart from that, Gold Coast is the best place to go to during summer. Tourists from all over the world come here just to conquer the waves. This is due to the fact that Gold Coast is the home to Surfer’s Paradise. In this review, will see how air transport is done in Gold Coast Airport.

Gold Coast Airport Reviews of Travellers
However, “fun” doesn’t seem to be the right word to use when describing Gold Coast. Well, we’re actually talking particularly about the Gold Coast Airport. According to 31 Gold Coast Airport Reviews on Skytrax, the airport got an overall score rating of 3/10. Not even average. On a positive note, according to 154 Gold Coast Airport reviews on Google, they scored 3.7/5 stars and travelers even commented that OOL is the best airport in Australia.

Here are some of the Gold Coast Airport reviews on Google:

  • “Clean airport, busy but quick access to car rental and other services.”
  • “Good small airport which is well appointed for the size.”

There are no information desks inside the airport, which is probably due to its small size. But the Gold Coast Airport sees to it that traveler’s toilet needs will be well assisted since 9 restrooms are found at the airport, 4 near the entrance and exit gates, one each near the Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle Counter, Duty Free store, Velocity Cafe, Retail Department, and lastly near the exit in between Pure NRG and Hungry Jacks.

Gold Coast Airport Reviews-storesTalking about meal establishments and retail or duty free stores. There are actually 11 food and beverage establishments and 9 shopping stalls. For the food and beverage, they have Aromas, Eagle Boy Pizza, Hungry Jacks, Pure NRG, Rainbow Bay Ale House, Red Rooster, Sumo Salad, Take Me With You, Velluto, Velocity Cafe and Zoom. For the stores they have, Beach Culture, Bijoux Terner, Discover Gold Coast, Duty Free, French Connection, Hub Convenience, Newslink, Smiggle and Sunglass Hut.

*To have a reference of the food establishment and store’s location, please refer to our airport map below.

It’s the WIFI-era and yes, Gold Coast Airport is one of the international airports which provide free WIFI access for all its passengers. Internet kiosks are available throughout the airport, but it’s not free, unlike the WIFI access. It costs $3 for 21 mins or $5 for 60 mins.

The official site of Gold Coast Airport has been really generous and helpful in providing information on how to reach the airport. There are actually several ways to reach OOL. Through trains, buses, taxis, coach services and even by car hire. To get a more specific route in each means of transportation, click the link below:

Location – Traffic – Service
The Gold Coast Airport is located in a unique position: in the Queensland and New South Wales state border, which is three kilometres northwest of the border towns of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads and is less than 1 kilometre away from the South Pacific Ocean. To be exact, it’s at the southern end of the Gold Coast, approximately 100 km south of Brisbane and 25 km south of Surfers Paradise.

The runways were actually extended in March 2007, which enables all aircraft types (except for the Airbus A380) to land and take off to international destinations, this gives the Gold Coast Airport a total of 2 asphalt runways and 1 terminal that caters international and domestic routes. It is also the main hub for Jetstar Airways and SEAIR Pacific.
Gold Coast Airport Reviews-hubs
The busiest domestic routes of OOL are in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. For the busiest international routes these are Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo-Narita, Singapore and Churchrist.

Statistics show that last year they have accommodated a total of 5,746,566 passengers and was even listed as the sixth busiest airport in Australia by passenger traffic and aircraft movements.

Airport/Terminal Map
Gold Coast Airport Reviews-map
Past: As you will notice the location of the airport has a scenic view, the initial owners (the government) of the airport were aware of that too. Gold Coast Airport was originally known as “Coolangatta Airport” in 1999. Coolangatta is an Aboriginal word which means “Place of Good View”.  However, in 1988 the airport was rebranded to “Gold Coast Airport” as part of the change of ownership from the government to Federal Airports Corporation but still carried the same airport code as “OOL”.

Present and Future: By the decision of the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, the Project LIFT and MDP were approved. These projects include redeveloping the terminal of Gold Coast and which will also create more jobs or other economic opportunities for the community. LIFT stands for Let’s Invest For Tomorrow while MDP means Major Development Plan. These projects will welcome six million passengers in the future.
Gold Coast Airport Reviews-logo
Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                OOL
  • Phone Number:            +61 7 5589 1100
  • Website URL:     
  • Address:                       Eastern Ave, Bilinga QLD 4225, Australia

Gold Coast Airport is a single-terminal airport, but that doesn’t mean they are left out, this obviously makes massive intake of passenger flow more concise. This evidently had been one of the main reasons they are one of the most busiest airports by passenger traffic overall and ranked halfway up “The World’s Top 100 Airports – 2015”.

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  1. My wife and I flew into here morning after a Scoot flight from SIN. I can’t help but reinforce the reviews before me. We also encountered the long queues in the duty free immigration baggage was a joke. It took over an hour to get our bags to turn around and find another line for customs. We will never fly Scoot again as this is their airport.

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