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GetYourGuide was founded and owned by a Swiss company, GetYourGuide AG in 2008 but it’s headquartered in Berlin, Germany with branches in Las Vegas and Zurich.

GetYourGuide Reviews - Johannes Reck
Johannes Reck

Johannes Reck, is one of the founders and is still the CEO of GetYourGuide. He is also a board member of LocalUncle, a location-based Q&A website and worked as a visiting associate at The Boston Consulting Group.

In 2013, GetYourGuide bought Gidsy, and joint alliance with TripAdvisor and Expedia making their main competitors Viator and Peek. The online travel agency focusing on holiday and tours had received several awards this past 7 years of service. They were honored by the Swiss Economic Award 2013, the Swiss ICT Award 2012, the 2011 De Vigier Prize and the Swiss Venture Leaders award in 2010.

Be guided with GetYourGide
I personally love the layout for the background: thumbnails of worldwide attraction photographies with travelers. To start of it will asks travelers “Where are you going”, this is the space where customers can type in their desired attraction. I typed in Amsterdam from November 3 to 6 and  this is what I got:
GetYourGuide Reviews - search resultThe search result page is what I expected it to be, from the cheapest. It also includes duration and review ratings. If customer mistyped the dates they entered they can change it and click “Check Availability”.

Going back to the main page. When you scroll down, the page will show travelers an extent of top attractions, top destinations and top 10 countries. If travelers prefer receiving all of these on their inbox, they can subscribe to the newsletter service of GetYourGuide, all they have to do is enter their email address and hit “Subscribe”

However I am quite disappointed that the language selector and currency changer is located at the bottom left of the page, it’s not the usual location for customers to find that option.

mobile app
GetYourGuide also has a mobile app version of their services in the App store and Google Play store. But this travel app is getting a lot of negative reviews due to the application’s navigation not being user friendly. The features are just a replica of the PC version services.

Customer’s Comments
It was not hard to find some GetYourGuide reviews because they are really known for providing good quality of services in tours and holidays. Majority of the comments are positive and the most recent reviewer even said the booking process was easy, confirmation email are sent, regular reminders are received and there were no problems with the payment process. He would definitely use GetYourGuide again and will recommend to others. He rated them 5/5 rating on the 1st of November 2015.

However one recent complaint caught my attention when she said:
GetYourGuide Reviews - negative
Contact information:

  • Website URL:                  www.getyourguide.com
  • Contact number:             +4 90 3054 4459 44
  • Contact Email:                info@getyourguide.com
  • Head Office Address:      Erich-Weinert-Strasse 145c, 10409 Berlin

Advice to Revise
In these GetYourGuide reviews, the online tours meta search engine is known for its outstanding way of providing ideas in travelling and tourist attractions. Given the number of positive comments and almost zero complaints, GetYourGuide really made a good impression to consumers. Actually the main reason why I wrote a review about them, is because of word of mouth.

Have you booked with GetYourGuide? Feel free to comment below.



  1. Hello Amelia, had you tried double checking this with GetYourGuide. I heard that some customers are experiencing similar problems. Good news, some were given a refund and some were not. I don’t know what are their basis for refunding, but I think your counts.

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