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flight 9525It is sad how I was able to learn about Germanwings, through the crash report this March. My respect and deepest condolences go to the families and friends of the passengers. So here I am writing a review regarding the airline’s efficiency. I hope this will help you guys to learn more about Germanwings in a positive way.

History & Facts
Eurowings was founded in 1997 and established a low-cost airline in October 2002 as Germanwings.

Germanwings Reviews - Thomas Winkelman
Thomas Winkelman

The 55 year old German businessman, Mr. Thomas Winkelman, is the Chief Executive Officer of GmbH and responsible for the department; sales and marketing. He also studied linguistics, ancient history, and is a postgraduate in business administration from Free University in Berlin.

Germanwings is a low-cost carrier of the Lufthansa Group. The German airline, also known as GmbH operates in seven bases within Germany: Berlin Tegel, Cologne Bonn, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart Airport with a fleet size of 62. Germanwings serves 130 destinations across Europe and merged this October 2015 with their sister company, Eurowings, though will only be completed in 2016.
Businesses are composed of people, and people have a downside, so does Germanwings. On the 24th of March 2015, an Airbus A320 flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf with a total of 150 people on board crashed 40mins after take off. It was said that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, was treated for suicidal tendencies and was even declared “not fit to work” and kept that information from his employer. Reports show that Andreas locked the pilot out of the aircraft’s cockpit before initiating a descent to crash into a mountain in Digne, France known as “Massif des Trois-Évêchés”.

InFlight Services
best fare
Germanwings services are compressed into a one class of service. Passengers enjoy all leather seats with spacious legroom, offered with an extensive selection of German dishes and/or European cuisines at a reasonable price with complimentary beverages. However, if customers booked with a “BEST fare” they will be served from the à la carte catering in which snack and drinks are free as well.

The Inflight magazine, Wings, is their inflight entertainment. However, customers have to access this as a PDF file on their personal electronic devices. On a positive note, it’s not only magazines but also daily newspapers in e-paper format.

PC and Mobile version
Germanwings Reviews - page
I love the soothing effect that the official website expresses. The wise choice for landscape attractions completes the puzzle. Plus, unlike other airline’s website, the words or services are not all around the page. They were able to organize everything to fit into place. The main feature of the website lets customers search and book flights, check-in online, check flight status, manage their booking, provides information about the airline’s policies and services and gives access to their frequent flyer program Miles & More and Boomerang Club.

mobile app
The mobile app, is pretty much similar to the website’s function, wherein customers can also get information on their upcoming flights. The updated app allows customers to plan, book, manage flights and gives access to log in their MyGermanwings, Miles & More, and Boomerang Club account. The travel app is available for Android and iOS users.

Germanwings Reviews of the Passengers
Based on several Germanwings reviews, the passengers are happy with the service of Germanwings. However some  Germanwings reviews show a minor complaint about the airline’s unresponsiveness, late top offers and favoritism among passengers. Despite these cases,  Germanwings gathered a total of 5 out of 10 rating which was fair enough.

One recent reviewer said that their website booking was very efficient. All flights were on time and no delay, check-in was smooth and fast and he even noted that the cabin crew was friendly and professional. He gave the airline a 7/10 rating on the 27th of October 2015 by Skytrax.
Germanwings Reviews - logoContact information

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:              +44 (0) 330 365; +49 2203 1027 310
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                    +49 2203 1027 300
  • Head Office Address:        Germanwings St. 2, 51147 Cologne, Germany

Overall Thoughts
After reading a variety of Germanwings reviews, the airline really suffered from that unexpected incident. Obviously, customers started to be more doubtful about booking with Germanwings. I can’t blame them because the accident is still fresh in their minds. However we should always remember that accidents are unwanted or inevitable happenings.

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  1. A friend of friend died in that accident or suicide crash.
    Until now most of Germans are really anxious and wary about using the airline, that really made a big bad impact to the airline’s reputation. My brother works there and he also love to read your review about Germanwings. Thanks for letting them hear the airline’s side.

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