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Who doesn’t love beer? Of course, excessive drinking can be harmful to anyone’s health. However, did you know that beer has lots of nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, niacin and riboflavin? I know that it’s far from Oktoberfest yet here we are talking about Germany, but not particularly the country in general, but its major international airport located in Germany’s fifth largest city, Frankfurt. Let’s go to Western Europe for this review and we will talk about Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt Airport Reviews of Customers
According to several Frankfurt Airport reviews, the German airport has garnered a below average score of 3/10 out of 442 Frankfurt Airport reviews. It is obviously not a good score. Well, let us check why they had received this kind of rating.

Based on the following reviews, some customers are not satisfied with the time being wasted while at FRA, one reviewer even mentioned “Allow at least 2 hours connection time if you have to use this airport”, wherein it means a higher chance of delay. Another cause of delay was mentioned as no gate number information, layout is a bit confusing which leads to endless walking and many people considered the airport as a total mess.

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To be honest, it was difficult to find a reference map for the location of the restrooms throughout the 2 terminals of the FRA. It’s kind of sad to know that aside from finding the location of the comfort rooms, we stumble upon several issues with the restrooms by the consumers. Toilets are reported to have pipe issues and as for cleanliness, it’s not even close to being neat at all. In fact, most Frankfurt Airport reviews say the restrooms are difficult to find.

On a positive note, help desks are easily located in the arrivals and departure halls of both terminals and it’s 24 hours a day. There are also several touch screen information kiosks situated throughout both terminals. An estimation of 130 shops and several restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the airport, but to provide you a more specific map view and information for the following shopping and dining guide in each terminal, click here. To keep travelers entertained and connected online, Frankfurt Airport offers unlimited free WiFi access 24/7.

There are several ways to get from and to FRA. One of which is by Free SkyLine, the shuttle trains run between the terminals and shuttle buses can also be found by the roadside outside each terminal. Another option is by driving. Frankfurt Airport is linked to the A3 (Cologne-Munich) and A5 (Hanover-Basel) motorways, this border the airport’s eastern and northern boundaries. These routes are joined at the Frankfurter Kreuz junction to have access to the airport on to the federal B43 road, which connects directly to the city center.

Location – Traffic – Service
FRA’s lies 12 km (8 miles) southwest of central Frankfurt city and its main hub for AeroLogic, Condor and Lufthansa. The Europe’s third busiest airport has 4 runways.

In October 2012 FRA predicted a passenger count of about 90 million in 2020, so they made a terminal section adjacent to Terminal 1 which created an additional six million passenger capacity and exclusively used by Lufthansa for their long-haul flights with eight parking positions to be able to handle four Airbus A380 or seven Boeing 747s at once. Statistics show that in 2015, the airport had accommodated a total of 61 million passengers, which equates to a 2.5% growth in traffic. However, the aircraft movements had decreased by 0.8 percent to about 469,000 takeoffs and landings.

FRA’s busiest routes are to Istanbul, Berlin-Tegel, Hamburg, London-Heathrow and Oslo-Gardermoen with estimation of 740,000-842,000 departing passengers annually.

Airport/Terminal Map
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Past: Frankfurt Airport started as a commercial airport in 1936 and it was a continuous growth for the airport, that in 1950 they were the first airport to operate a jetliner. In 1972, the Terminal commenced operations and started catering international flights.

Present and Future: Last year, Fraport AG or the parent company of Frankfurt Airport had announced their plan for a new Terminal, they will invest $3.2 Billion for the side project that will accommodate the predicted passenger numbers between 68-73 million by 2021 wherein it’s not impossible since currently their capacity is at 64 million passengers. This project will include training service, fully automated check-in facilities with automatic bag drops and an open layout with glass structure for natural lighting. To get the latest news about Frankfurt Airport, click here.

In 2015, here are the list of awards that Frankfurt Airport awarded by Skytrax – World Airport Awards

  • 7th rank for the Best Airports: 50 million passenger per year
  • 5th rank for the Best Airports in Europe
  • 3rd rank for the Best Airports in Central Europe
  • and 13th from the “The World’s Top 100 Airports – 2015”

Frankfurt Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:                   FRA
  • Phone Number:              +49 180 6 3724636
  • Website URL:        
  • Address:                          60547 Frankfurt, Germany

So there, feel free to be the judge of Frankfurt Airport. We both know that reviews are showing negative feedback in chorus but the services and achievements seems have a different lyric. If Frankfurt Airport is a song then maybe it’s out of tune. I think FRA just need to work on some of their facilities and airport information since customer’s time are wasted mostly with looking for the gate and facilities. Even I won’t be happy if I am about to urinate and can’t find where’s the restroom and will be surprised that the restroom are appalling too.




  1. “Help me, i’m lost.” That’s exactly my problem way back when I was in Frankfurt Airport. I swear they need to work things around with their help desks or at least signage to keep us directed not feeling lost. Specially being late is not a good thing in travelling, like in my case it was connecting flights. I almost missed it. But saw someone sleeping over the chairs and found out she missed her flight because she was lost too. FRA should work this more than their stupid expansion.

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