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When I first heard of the American online travel site, it reminds me of Wikipedia. Maybe, that’s where the name originated from, since Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. Fly+Wikipedia=Flyopedia. The new travel startup was established in 2014, as a newbie let us check the overall performance of Flyopedia. I wonder how they applied flight deals service on a Wikipedia approach.

Booking via online travel agencies made the lives of travellers easier, but as competition arises, bookings nowadays are doubtful due to the credibility and complications of the site’s features. These are the area where the travel site focused their goals.

With FlyoPedia
They offer their customers’ packages and affordable deals to satisfy wanderlust with their itineraries. Flyopedia doesn’t only assist customers in search, compare and book flight deals, but the services also include corporate travel plans, honeymoon and family packages.
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In case the consumer is technically challenged or needs assistance, the option to chat with their live agent is shown impromptu on the bottom right of the page as a live chatbox. Their customer service number appears on the top right of the page with flashing green and blue colors. Another way to reach them, is through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

However, instead of online booking, Flyopedia is popular due to its Blogs not its bookings where travellers are entertained with their travel tips and guide which are published simultaneously.

FlyoPedia Reviews of Consumers
Even if it is evidently shown online that the legitimacy of the site is questioned, based on 213 FlyoPedia reviews, FlyoPedia had been getting almost perfect scores by Trustpilot. Customers are saying that the travel site has excellent service and they are being helpful. One recent reviewer said:

“Composed, and Empathetic Customer Service. I was attended by Ms. Neha Verma to book tickets for India. She was most patient and helpful in getting me the “best” possible fare during a peak travel season. She went out of her way to find me options for accommodation for an extended layover. During my interactions with her I realized customer service is NOT just a job for Ms. Verma. Thank You – Neha and FlyoPedia.”

That’s just one of the FlyoPedia reviews posted recently. To see more, click here.
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 +1 866-575-4903 / +91 904-116-6699
  • Contact Email:          
  • Head Office Address:          651 58th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33710, USA

Advice to Revise
​Their page appears to me that the ones who are managing the travel sites are Indian instead of American due to its all Indian promo packages and choice of color. Or maybe because it’s their season for ticket discounts to India. Well, on a positive note Flyopedia is one of the recommended sites by traveller for they guarantee minimum airfares, value customer’s time and offer unmatched sales service.

Since they are just newly founded, how come the site itself is not updated? Doesn’t even look like the modernized style of online travel agency layouts.



  1. Not sure if they are American or Indian. Quite deceiving. I had stumble upon few reviews about FlyoPedia and I will never book with this site, I hate to say my friend got scammed here. And it’s the only reason and enough reason for me to say NO to FlyoPedia.

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