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Flight FZ981The UAE’s budget airlines that serves major destinations from Dubai to the Middle East and Asian destinations had recently faced an unwanted event last March 19, 2016 known as “Flight FZ981”. In this review, we will be talking about not particularly the news, but more on things we need to reconsider about flying with Flydubai. A similar review when the
Germanwings incident happened.

Origins and Ownership
The government-owned low-cost airline was established in March 2008 as a trading of Dubai Aviation Corporation. Flydubai operates mainly at the Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. The Emirates Group just supported the initial founding of the airline, but Flydubai is not a part of the group. The airline’s fleet is composed of 49 Boeing 737-800 and with a short amount of time had gained a reputation by catering flights to 95 destinations worldwide.
Flydubai Reviews-Flight FZ981
Flight FZ981 is the latest incident involving Flydubai where this flight from Dubai to Rostov-On-Don crash landed, after making two unsuccessful landings. This event had left all 62 on board (55 passengers and 7 crew) dead. It was actually the airline’s first fatal incident since they started operating.

Listed possible reasons of the crash were actually “crew error, technical failure, adverse weather conditions and other factors”. On a positive note, investigation had ruled out earlier that terrorism isn’t the cause of the crash.

The governor of Rostov, Mr. Vasily Golubev announced that the government would pay 1 million rubles (about $15,000 USD) to the families of the victims.

InFlight Services
Flydubai Reviews-onboard
Flydubai has two kinds of cabin classes: Economy and Business wherein each class has an inflight entertainment system that features a central character in the video, Maya. Duty free goods are also sold onboard. Even if travellers are flying with only Economy, they are still served with full meal service.

Business Class of Flydubai was just recently established in 2012. This cabin class has 12 seats with a seat pitch of 42 inches which gives them a wider seat onboard.

PC and Mobile Version of Services
The airline doesn’t have a mobile application, but the official site is accessible via mobile version. The functionality of the mobile version is similar to the PC version一manage and booking flights, car rental services, flight status and online checking.
Flydubai Reviews-page
​​Flydubai highly respects the families and friends of the victim and even people who want to know the latest update regarding “Flight FZ981”. They created a separate page from their official site, where viewers can be updated with the latest news happening within the incident:
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number:                  +971 600 544 445
  • Contact Email:            
  • Fax Number:                         +971 429 507 58
  • Head Office Address:            c/o Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686, EKE Centre,
                                                 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Judging through some Flydubai reviews, the airline had evidently been consistent in providing services not just on board, but also pre-booking. Customers were pleased to share their Flydubai reviews regarding the utmost assistance of their support in booking and the flight attendants servicing inflight. These totally made a good impression about Flydubai. We certainly believe that an airline didn’t want what happened on March 19, 2016. Since their agenda is to serve travellers.



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  1. DXB-ALY return. Terminal 2 in Dubai is ok it became bigger since the last time I went there. Easy check-in and immigration process. Onboard reasonably priced food selection helpful FAs. Only confusing is that on our ticket it says we will land at HBE (Borg el Arab) surprising we arrived in ALY.

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