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Fly with Vibe? No, it’s pronounced as Fly-Bee. is a product of the Flybe British airlines located at Exeter, UK. Flybe was founded in 1979 as Jersey European Airways. The name was changed from British European in June 2000 to Flybe on July 18, 2002. The founder of Flybe were Mr. John Habin and Mr. Jack Walker. Mr. Habin is the major investor and Mr. Walker was British industrialist and businessman who died from Cancer at age 71 on August 17, 2000.

The current CEO of Flybe is Saad Hammad. He was the CEO since August 1, 2013. This outspoken leader saw the Flybe before he was CEO as a business below the radar screen. However when he took over Flybe have made few improvements.

Flybe Reviews - Saad Hammad
Saad Hammad

Flybe’s Page and Mobile app
The interface of the page is a contrast of blue, lavender and white which is pleasing to the eyes. The language selector option is located at the top right of the page, a selection from English to French, Spanish and Deutsch. The center of the page or the background are not images but announcements in big words about travel information and services. The bottom part shows a train of images of best tourist attractions in Europe with their latest deals and packages for one way trips. The least part of the page provides thumbnails of their other services in detail information.
Flybe’s Page provides customers the option to find for flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. The option to check-in online and manage booking is shown at the heading of the page.

The Special Offers tab leads customer to Flybe Specials, a page where a more detailed price list, broken down to categories of City Breaks, Christmas Markets and Price Leaders, however only focused on domestic destinations within Europe.

The Flybe Credit Card, the service of Flybe wherein customer who used the credit card as their payment will gain points to claim discounted flights and car hires.
Credit Card
Flybe’s Mobile app and Mobile site have same features. The mobile version functions let customers to find flights and manage bookings.

“I wouldn’t use Flybe” – UK Customer
In this review, the reviewer was angry about the service of Flybe. She said “Flybe strike again. In March I booked on the first flight from Birmingham to Glasgow, I wasn’t informed about the cancellation until I reached the airport. I had stayed in a hotel the night before as it was an early flight which turned out to be unnecessary. I have booked a flight in January from Southend to Rennes, once again an early flight so I booked a hotel for the night before, my flight has been put back by nearly three hours, wasted money again! If other airlines flew the routes I want I certainly wouldn’t use Flybe!” she gave the airlines a 1/10 rating from Skytrax’s


Contact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 00 44 1392 683152
  • Contact Email:          
  • Head Office Address:          Exeter, Devon, EX1 9UL United Kingdom

Checking other Flybe reviews and adding up mine. Flybe has been a neutral party in the field of aviation. The British are known for being competitive and courageous, well I wonder why this trait didn’t apply to Flybe? What can you say? Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. To all who viewed this review. Please don’t use Flybe for your future travel. I strongly don’t recommend them.
    I booked a flight with them to Boston, MA they charged me and I received an email confirmation. However as I check with my bank, they actually drafter more than the said amount. I tried to call customer service and they just keep transferring me to another person every time that I have to repeat myself over and over again.

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