In the online-travel agency industry, successful companies can earn millions and those who don’t make it may lose everything they have. In order to stay alive in this industry, a company must have brilliant minds, strong connections, credible offers and loyal customers. Start with the brilliant minds and everything else follows.

Origins and Ownership

FlightStats was founded on October 1st, 2001 by Jeff Kennedy and Tod Hutchinshon.  Hutchinson has been the current CEO since December, 2012, while Kennedy holds the position of President. Hutchinson applied his 25 years of experience in corporate finance and operating to expand FlightStats. Hutchinson was the initial CFO of the company.

Tom Hutchinson, co-founder and CEO of Flightstats
Tom Hutchinson, CEO of Flightstats


Jeff Kennedy, co-founder and President of Flightstats
Jeff Kennedy, President of Flightstats

What people are saying

FlightStats seems to have loyal customers thanks to their reliable offers and service. Customers described FlightStats to be accurate by presenting deals and distributing them customers. Their own employees also expressed their gratitude by acknowledging FlightStats to be a great company to work for. Flightstats seems to be growing and their future seems bright, well that’s what the employees say in their review. There aren’t actually many online reviews for FlightStats, so simply determining their reputation is hard with few reviews. Reviews Reviews

The Website

FlightStats website looks good especially the homepage with its minimal design interface. The website presents a gallery of all their target market, airlines, airports, developers, agencies, travelers, and air freights. Flight cancellation information is also monitored and distributed daily through their website.

Customers can check in online, check flight status and track upcoming flights. The website also shows information about airport flight arrivals, departures and even location weather. Reviews Website
Flightstats main interface

Mobile App

With the mobile application, Flightstats disseminates information about flight status. Specific details are also provided for flight numbers, airports and routes. Customers can also scan essential information about their flight schedules. Each flight is monitored from departure to arrival. To prepare for your flight, the app also provides information about flight activities. mobile app

Customer Service

The company’s service phone line is 503.445.4231. The website also includes organized list of FAQs and answers. They also have email service and allows calls directed to their corporate headquarters phone line (503.274.0938)


Their main office is located at 522 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97204 USA. Driving directions are available on their website, just click contact on the homepage.

Contact information

Here’s the company’s contact info:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:503.274.0938
  • Fax Number:503.274.0939
  • Head Office Address:522 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97204 USA


We hope these Reviews were helpful. It’s still early to determine how FlightStats is going to turn out. Compared to other online travel companies, Flightstats is still young and their better days are potentially still ahead of them, or possibly their downfall. In the process of growing and expanding, only the future will determine FlightStats’ fate.

Review overview
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  1. their customer service didn’t answer when I called to confirm my flight. After I completed my reservation, nothing, not a message not a call. I was afraid of what might of happened so I didn’t finalize the payment.

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