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The parent company of Flightcatchers is Polani Travel Ltd. which was established in 1965 and has now an overall experience and expertise in the UK travel industry but focusing on the Asian sub-continent. In due time, Polani Travel gave birth to Flightcatchers on the 16th of January 1998 in which their registration was in Surrey, UK. The first two directors of Flightcatchers were
Adetoun and Samuel Jayeola.

The mission of Flightcatchers is to commit to customer satisfaction that will create a lifelong relationship between the travel site and the customer一also by their services that are designated by competitive price and exclusively for first-come-first-serve customers.

Catching Flights with Flightscatchers
As evidently shown, Flightcatchers site is not modernized. However, the multi-font travel site gives consumers, many access to different services of Flightcatchers. Basically, customers can search, compare and book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals and even travel insurance. The sub-features of the page lets travelers to be inspired by the favorite destinations and the most recent fares searched.
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If the traveler is more on the low-budget type of wandering, then they should check Flightcatchers ‘Package Holidays’ section located on the right hand of the page or the flashing images of the latest deals and offers can be a good reference too.

But if the customer already has a booking, they don’t have to take time in searching because the option to go directly to payment is shown at the bottom center of the page in red button saying “Already have a booking with us – Pay here”. That will lead customers to a page wherein they should log into their Flightcatchers account.

DO NOT Catch Flights with them!
After scanning through several Flightcatchers reviews, one comment caught my attention. The review posted his review on Trustpilot and gave Flightcatchers a score of ⅕ rate with a title of “Avoid avoid avoid”. In this review, the customer said that he found the company as rude and unhelpful. He actually believed that posts on forums saying they are good and reliable company are just made up reviews written by themselves.

Flightscatcher Reviews-reviewsHe actually made a booking with Flightcatchers and didn’t pass the money to the designated airline company. This caused him to rebook same flight, when he got to the airport the price was twice the original price by then. Flightcatchers didn’t even respond to his emails and rejected all his calls. There are times that they can reach them but it will all end to the same hung-up-abandonment of the concern.

He finished up his review by saying “Avoid them at all costs. They might be a couple of pounds cheaper than other agents, but is really not worth the trouble you have with them when things go wrong”
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 0207 183 1818 / +44 (0) 207 183 1814
  • Contact Email:           /
  • Fax Number:                       0207 117 3777
  • Head Office Address:          241 Mitcham Road SW17 9JQ Tooting, London, UK

Flightscatcher Reviews-adviceNot so good at catching flights
Flightcatchers should update their website overall design not the layout. The travel solution provider should know how to solve their own problem first by at least learning how to accommodate customer’s complaints. Business is about people and without your customer一your business won’t excel or grow.

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  1. I am so terribly disappointed with Flightcatchers, I expected a lot from them. I booked my honeymoon vacation on their travel site and I ended up with several charges on my bank statement. Instead of love, I got a lot of trouble and still Flightcatchers is not doing any type of action to refund the overcharges. It’s ridiculous.

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