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A man named Naman Budheo started FlightNetwork in 1998, that time there was only one part-time employee working for the company.  After all preparations throughout the years, come 2005 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, FlightNetwork decided to go full-throttle and expand their travel services worldwide to compete with other online travel agencies. What began as a small project, ended up providing air travel services to millions of people.

Founder of FlightNetwork
Named Budheo, founder of FlightNetwork

FlightNetwork’s Mantra, website interface

FlightNetwork’s slogan is “search no further,” the site provides easy access to searching and booking flights from departure to arrival. Their affiliation with different airlines, hotels, and vehicle agencies, provides them a direct connection from the buyer (customers) to the sellers (airlines, hotels). FlightNetwork maintains great service with the help of the seller’s credibility. These days getting a job done, and done well, is a must.

Website FlightNetwork Reviews

The website organizes each category for the customers convenience. Specific and general information can easily appear with one-click. FlightNetwork’s website have been operational since 1998.

Awesome Features Offered

One notable feature of FlightNetwork is “Price Drop Protection”. Most prices offered for different flights can suddenly roll-back, if you think that you might regret paying more if there’s a discounted price, price drop protection has got your back. For example, If you already paid, let’s say $600 (before taxes), then suddenly the flight price drops to $300 dollars, instead of crying about the $300 dollars you could have saved, FlightNetwork allows you to grab the new deal for only half the price so you can use the other half for your next flight. Awesome right? This feature really enhances FlightNetwork’s value.

FlightNetwork Price Drop Protection Reviews

FlightNetwork also includes Price Watch, a very handy feature mostly for regular customers. The website monitors flight deals all day long and sends you updates regarding changes in flight deals. This way, looking for cheaper prices is very easy. FlightNetwork’s customer service is active 24/7 for the sake of the company’s credibility and of course the customers satisfaction.

FlightNetwork Price Watch Reviews

All flight information including offers, destinations, and prices are presented up-front, so searching and choosing the flight you want is easy. Another reminder for all future customers, FlightNetwork promises affordable prices.

How does FlightNetwork.com conduct its work?

Since FlightNetwork features over 1000 airlines, customers are given many choices so they can take their time and look for the best one. The way they do things is pretty common for other Online Travel Agencies, but what they focus on is providing as many deals as possible.

Flightnetwork also caters to the many people who book their flight last minute. No negotiations are required, their database provides customers with a list of last minute flight deals. Why not offer everything they can right? An amazing job for FlightNetwork.

Customer feedback

There were many positive reviews for the way FlightNetwork does its business credible deals, reliable information, and a wide array of offers with cheap prices. I mean, what more could you ask for? Many customers are glad to have chosen FlightNetwork, of course there were some negative reviews but that can’t be avoided. Eventually you’re bound to have disgruntled customers.

FlightNetwork Reviews


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An ok option in Canada


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