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The time has come to have another look at all of the companies who we reviewed last year, to see if they changed, how they changed and what’s good and bad about them in 2018. This article is going to focus on the online travel agency, Flighthub.com, a Canadian based online travel agency from Cornwall Ontario, with 3 other offices around the globe. FlightHub currently employs around 800 people and is known as the largest online travel agency to serve Canada, although they serve the international market as well.

Firstly, to determine what is going on with any company, the first measure we take is looking online to see what their actual customers have been saying about them. This can be a difficult task given that the internet is filled with anonymity making it difficult to discern if the review was indeed legitimate. To bypass this issue we will only be looking at trusted review sources like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. Why are these platforms trusted review platforms? Not just anyone can post a review on these sites. They have a rigorous screening process requiring customers to provide things like a booking number or invoice number from the product they purchased. The review site then corresponds the information to the company that provided the service.

What Real Customers are Saying About FlightHub.com

The first site that we’ll look at is call SiteJabber.com. SiteJabber allows customers to sign up and post their experience with a company to that companies page. It’s a two way street because company owners now have a platform to speak to their customers directly from that page and correct any would be issues.

Here we can see the overall SiteJabber score that FlightHub.com received was 3.5 stars out of 5, totaling from 2,272 reviews.


That’s a pretty solid score considering the majority of customers who feel compelled to write reviews in the first place are ones who are upset with a company. But let’s look at the breakdown of what comprises that score. SiteJabber allows customers to score a company based on 5 elements, the ratings of each of those elements is what creates the overall review score.


Generally everything is above a 4 star rating, except for the shipping but that is likely due to the fact that FlighHub doesn’t ship products and so when customers are asked to rate that portion of their experience they just click whichever star since it isn’t applicable. This would be the reason why FlightHub doesn’t have at least a 4 star rating on the review platform.


Now let’s see what their actual customers are saying on the site.

Review 1. Margaret. P – 5 Stars

I ordered some flights on flighthub and it was cheaper than expected! I caught all my flights and it was super smooth.

Review 2.  Christian B. – 5 Stars

Quick , efficient and no hassle. Have been booking with flight hub for a few years now. Returns are a sinch too.

Review 3.  Alexandra H. – 5 Stars


I would definitely go through flight hub again. Thank you. I’m glad that it was so easy because i have only flown a couple of times and it made it less stressful.


Looking at all of those positive reviews may have readers thinking that the results are skewed. To be fair to our readers and to FlightHub, we randomly selected those 3 reviews and they all happened to be 5 star ratings. There are less than favorable ratings on SiteJabber but they are impressively few and few between and with any company are very much expected.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some Flighthub reviews on SiteJabber, let’s look at another popular yet trusted review platform, TrustPilot.

Just like SiteJabber, TrustPilot is a review platform that takes considerable effort to prevent false reviews from appearing on it’s site. We first will look at the FlightHubs overall score on TrustPilot.


The overall score that Flighthub received is comprised of over 70,000 real customers and totals a stunning 4 out of 5 star rating. This is indeed impressive again, considering when people feel the urge to leave a review, they normally are not happy customers. Let’s have a closer look at what people are actually saying about FlightHub on TrustPilot.


Review 1 – Michelle – 5 Stars

The price was cheaper than booking with the airline direct. I received the price drop alert and booked right away. The process was very easy.


Review 2 – Michael- 5 Stars

Clear website organization; easy to navigate and to understand. Helped us find lowest prices…


Review 3 – Sachinkumar – 4 Stars

It was good experience but i don’t like they all extra charge by default like insurance, sear selection charge etc.


Again, while looking for these reviews on TrustPilot, we randomly selected the reviews. So, again the results may seem skewed but after perusing the TrustPilot page a bit more we did notice a very positive trend which reflected the overall score of 4/5 stars.

Based on the information above we can surmise that FlightHub.com is doing well by they customers in 2018. All of the reviews in this article were indeed legitimate but as usual we do encourage our readers to look at those pages for themselves to verify the legitimacy of what we are writing and of course dpeending on when you’re reading this review things may change.

So that’s it, we hope that our 2018 FlightHub review has been informative. We understand that purchasing a ticket online can be a daunting process but given everything it looks as though you should be fine purchasing your flight through Flighthub.

Happy and safe travels!

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