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FlightHub, based in Ontario, Canada, is one of the online travel agencies where travellers can plan, book, and manage their travel plans, and which has been working for a couple of decades to help fulfil travellers’ dream vacations.

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Read our newest FlightHub reviews 2017 and learn more about the Canada-based online travel agency which has been a source of travel needs for customers from all over the world.

More Information

FlightHub is one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies that is based in Ontario, Canada. It traces it roots to a team of skilled travel and technology professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry who used their expertise to develop software that will improve every aspect of the travel process. They designed a system that has direct access to many wholesalers, airlines, and hotel suppliers in Canada, and instant e-ticketing so customers no longer need to wait for email confirmations.

On FlightHub.com, users find the travel search and booking process simplified with all the prices in one place, as well as the capability to make reservations for these directly on the website.

What Users Have to Say

FlightHub reviews 2017 rated the online travel agency highly, especially with the most recent FlightHub reviews 2017. People loved how easy, simple, and fast the website was to use and navigate. The rates were lower and booking was apparently easier, too.

These FlightHub reviews 2017 commented about how “great” and “user-friendly” the website was, and how users wanted to use it again or that they’d recommend it to other travellers. Overall, FlightHub reviews 2017 presented FlightHub’s great reputation among online travellers.

Their Official Website

Aside from searching through flights, hotels, and car rental services using the FlightHub platform, users can brush up on their Travel Guides, more of which are in the form of Popular Cities and Popular Routes at the bottom of the homepage.

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Users can manage their accounts. The website is in Canadian English by default, though the language can be changed to Canadian French and American English, and the currency can be switched to United States dollar. Meanwhile, the contact support details are prominently displayed at the right hand portion of the page.

We can see that FlightHub has social media presence on many channels, which include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn, among others. For more information, updates, and offers about, view their Twitter account here.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: http://www.flighthub.com/
  • FlightHub reviews
  • Contact number: Toll Free: 1-800-900-1431; Direct: 1-647-689-2956
  • Head Office Address: 2340282 Ontario Inc. (FlightHub), 11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3  

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Recommended Service

FlightHub is well-liked among FlightHub reviews 2017 circles, and it’s clear that they’re one of the most successful according to customers from all over the world. Their user-friendliness and their cheap prices stand out from the other online travel agencies, and their system’s second to none in delivering accurate, updated, and desirable rates for the services people need.

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  1. Worst company EVER!!!!!! Went to book a flight, got all the way to the end with my credit card, hit confirm then 1 min later it says this offer is no longer available and the price shot up 450 bucks??. Then found another offer where it said phone fare only so to get that deal u had to call them. So I did, the guy starts quoting me 975…well the website shows 641??? He then says I don’t know what your talking about but this is our price and u should book it now. I said well other sites are a lot cheaper so I will not be dealing with this lying scamming company ever again. Complete waste of time

  2. The correct address for Flighthub is: 3333 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu #600, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 2N1 (514) 508-7500 under the name Momentum Ventures. Website is gotmomentum dot com I hope this helps their many disappointed customers that are looking to file claims against them.

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