Most people would probably say, “why not book directly from airlines rather than from travel sites.” Maybe people are afraid that cheap prices equate to scams and follow the whole “if it seems to good to be true, than it probably is”. There are of course false and deceitful travel agencies, but there are reliable ones providing excellent and legitimate flight deals.

One trusted online travel company is, straight from Canada and one of the best travel agencies online.

What people are saying

Flighthub’s reputation is starting to build-up with positive reviews from customers. Most reviews appreciate Flighthub’s simple interface and affordable prices.

Flighthub promises to provide the cheapest deals available, so far, the company manages to fulfill this promise. One gentleman just booked his first flight with flighthub and he said it was an “easy and relatively pain free” experience. The same goes for a lady who acknowledged the efficiency and cheap prices that they provide.There are several first timers and most of them are happy to have chosen Flighthub.  

Many people are asking whether to trust Flighthub or not. People replied with positive and confident answers stating MOSTLY one single fact, Flighthub is reliable.

According to customers, booking with Flighthub is easy, deals are monitored daily to be presented with credibility. Flighthub also avoids misleading customers with false picing and they are known to only show deals that are confirmed by their partner airlines. Flight confirmation is fast, you book it right now, you get it right away.

Some reviews consider Flighthub to provide the cheapest deals possible. Flighthub discounts reach up to around 80%, we were able to confirm this as well. There are no, “oops the price just went up” instances because Flighthub is active in updating their deals.
We made a quick comparison between FlightHub and Westjet using the same criteria, flying from Oct 1rst to the 8th from Montreal (Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport) to Cancun Mexico. We were not able to find the elusive 80% discount, however, massive savings were still evident. As you’ll see in the image below, FlightHub was charging $593.00 for the same flight that WestJet charged at $1063.30, which is a savings of 55.7%!


Even hotel deals are cheap, Flighthub also managed to gain the trust of their partner companies because everybody benefits, Flighthub, the customer and the seller (airlines, hotels etc).

The Website is accurate and easy to navigate according to online reviews. Customers only need a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes from booking right up to confirmation. Flighthub received countless 4 to 5 star ratings from customers from customers online from various travel review websites. Let’s take a look at a few of those customer reviews.




Well, of course you can’t please everyone, but for the most part if you search for FlightHub reviews, you’ll find positive feedback


Words like smooth, great, easy, simple and excellent were used to describe their website, service and company. Their custom algorithms find the best deals as soon as customers search for flights, big savings are possible with the help of Flighthub. One customer said flighthub is frill and hassle free.

Customer Service

Their customer support is open 24/7, the website also features a FAQs page for direct access to information. The customer support representatives are considered to be cautious and and helpful when conversing with customers.


Flighthub is based in Ontario, Canada, the entire company is filled with amazing software engineers and travel specialists. Flighthub is one of the fastest growing travel companies in Canada and even worldwide.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:1-800-900-1431
  • Head Office Address: Ontario, Canada


Flighthub is vastly growing and their services expanding. Positive online reviews are also helping to fortify Flighthubs reputation and it seems inevitable that as this company continues to expand their market reach, customers will choose Flighthub over other online travel agencies.

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  1. I have done price rates comparison on leading travel sites including expedia, travelocity, flighthub and flightnetwork. Flighthub gave by far the cheapest price rate.

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