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It takes a lot of money for people to travel, especially transportation fees. Most airlines probably have their website, it would take too much time if travelers tried to visit different airline sites looking for the cheapest deal available. This is where online travel agencies come in. OTAs gather as many deals as possible from different airlines and present them to travelers.

Origins and Ownership

One in particular is Flight Centre, founded in 1982 by Graham “Skroo” Turner and Geoff “Spy” Harris.

The current CEO is none other than Skroo, the initial plan was for Skroo to become a trusted veterinarian. Skroo was raised in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia on an apple orchard. After graduating from the University of Queensland, Skroo moved to london where he met Spy, and that’s when it all started.

Graham "Skroo" Turner, Co-founder and CEO of FlightCentre
Graham “Skroo” Turner, Co-founder and CEO of FlightCentre

What people are saying

After years of service, let’s see what their customers have to say. On ProductReview.com, Flight Centre only got 1.7 stars, why is that? It seems that Flight Centre is more concerned on how will they benefit from each customer, not the other way around. Many customers mentioned that they were disappointed by Flight Centre, one guy was furious when Flight Centre didn’t notify him that his flight was cancelled. This other guy was not happy when Flight Centre decided on their own to change his itinerary plans including hotel reservation, without consulting with him first.

FlightCentre Reviews

Some customers swore to never do business with Flight centre and even stated that they hope bad things would happen to the company.

FlightCentre Reviews

The Website

The website allows customers to search for flights and book them easily. Travel itineraries like hotel and car rental arrangements can be managed quickly. The site even includes travel tips to help customers make better decisions regarding their travel transactions. Flight Centre promotes packages for holidays and tours, they also present a list of affordable deals below the homepage. Flight alteration is done through customer service instead of the website, there are designated phone lines for customers who wants to make changes to their flights.

FlightCentre Website Reviews
FlightCentre’s homepage

Customer Service

Their customer support is open 24/7 for emergency calls and enquiries worldwide. They have a FAQs page for general questions like “can I book my pet online.” Flight Centre  prefers their customer service to handle each issue, for a more direct conversation, but according to online reviews, their customer support is not reliable at all. Just like most travel sites, Flight Centre allows customers to share their feedback, either good or bad. They would then get in touch with you via phone or email.


Their main office is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Flight Centre is in possession of over 30 brands including Flight Centre: the airfare experts and infinity holidays. Each brand has their own specific target market. Flight centre honours Australia, New Zealand, China and more countries with their service.

In 2012, Flight Centre won the Best Travel Agency Group from the AFTA National Travel Industry Awards

Here are the contact information of Flight Centre.


Not impressive at all, some of the online reviews were hard to believe. They may be true or not, but most negative reviews are probably true, because frustrated people are more likely to share their experience rather than jolly ones. Flight Centre’s customer service needs to be evaluated and monitored immediately.

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  1. FlightCentre gave me nothing but headache, I wanted to confirm my flight, I spent like 30 mins on hold with this agent, then I found out that he had no intent of helping me. I tried calling them again and again then nothing. 24/7 customer service? Yeah Right!

  2. I found the perfect deal, I was able to book it within minutes, after few hours, their customer support called me and told me that the Flight I wanted isn’t available anymore. I complained for them misleading me, the customer said that things like this issue happens a lot. What’s up with that?

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