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As we recall, yesterday we talked about a travel company that doesn’t focus on booking and accommodation. Yesterday was about FlightStats, today, we’ll be talking about another travel site that provides airline or flight information online. We don’t know what are their benefits with that, but since we talked about this type of travel company, let’s check out FlightAware!

It all started with an idea of creating a flight tracker engine for family usage in 2004. This idea was by Daniel Baker for his family to track his private flights in United States. At the time, only few enterprise solutions provided that kind of service. Daniel and his friends established a free public flight tracking service in 2005 which is now more known as “FlightAware.”

In their first 18 months, they were able to earn over one million dollars in revenue and I’m still quite puzzled how that happened if no booking or money are involved to provide a said-free service. Daniel Baker’s FlightAware is headquartered in Houston, Texas, because Houston offers inexpensive office space, geographical proximity to the rest of the country, and Daniel saw the lack of a city or state income tax as an advantage.

What is FlightAware?

FlightAware is currently managed by their founder, Daniel Baker. Basically, what you see on FlightAware is what you get. There are two options to start tracking flights on FlightAware: either by entering the airline and flight number or by origin and destination of the flight. For some reason, they have a gallery of aircraft shown right below the search bar and this lets customers view these photos or submit a photo.
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The bottom part of FlightAware is showing some travel-related information such as cabin classes, airline’s new fleet, current news, and updates about some changes in the travel industry. FlightAware also provides the weather forecast on the right wing. Another good thing about the travel site is the language or version can be changed to Arabic, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and more.

FlightAware Reviews and Complaints

FlightAware Reviews-mobile appIn May 2016, FlightAware finally released its mobile version of its services. This flight tracking application can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. However, given it’s new, since the debut of the travel app, customers had been sending complaints from the PC version now to its mobile version. Some users have reported crashes on the MyTouch 4G, slow loading time, problems backing out of the flight info page, and problems zooming in on the maps. In addition, the app is 4.2MB in size which means it takes up a lot of memory.
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How To Reach Them?


  • Website URL:                 https://flightaware.com/
  • Contact Number:           +1-800-713-8570 (toll free)
  • Contact Email:               contact@flightaware.com
  • Fax Number:                 +1-713-877-9020
  • Head Office Address:    Eight Greenway Plaza, Suite 1300, Houston, Texas 77046 USA


After writing a review about FlightAware, it’s safe to say that the travel site is not actually that bad. However, they just need to update, upgrade, and improve on some of their tools. They could change their PC version interface to a modernized one with more readable content and service specification. With their mobile app, they could fix the problems soon to avoid more complaints in the future. I had to admit FlightAware is not popular, but for now they need to do something before they turn out to be infamous.

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  1. I love this app, I use it all the time. Mostly I use it to track my friends airplanes by the tail number. The only comment I would make is that it would be nice to be able to see a VFR flight plan, even though you could not follow it in positive control air space, it would be nice to see it filed.

  2. Yesterday (December 20th) I used FlightAware to track to track my Sister and her kids flight that departed from Berlin-BER7248. I depended on FlightAware to give at least an close to eta time and it was off over 1 hour. That was not only disappointing but had my family waiting on me for over one hour have such a very long flight. I don’t think I will use this avenue to track any more flights.

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