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Nitzan Yudan

One of the most successful travel startups recently was established in 2010 by Nitzan Yudan and Tomer Kalish. Nitzan has 12 years of experience in financial services, IT and tourism. He’s also an MBA holder from London Business School and is a Magna Cum Laude in Industrial Engineering & Management from Ben Gurion University, Israel. Nitzan is an avid traveler and backpacked for over 2 years in 5 continents.

His co-founder Tomer Kalish has 10 years of experience in Real Estate in London, USA, and Israel. Tomer holds a BSc in civil engineering (Magna Cum Laude), and an MBA from the London Business School. The two founders met each other at London Business School.

Nitzan Yudan set up the company after his own experience of renting out his home. He actually said “I wanted to rent out my flat but I didn’t want to get someone off the street. I wanted someone I could trust but still charge.”

Find a Flat with FlatCub

The privately-held travel business is headquartered in London, England. FlatClub is an online marketplace to help students and alumni of top universities find medium-term renting by leveraging existing social networks to create trust.
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Basically, FlatClub is like other property rental sites which help customers search for their preferred location and connect to the hosts or the owner of the property. In 2014, FlatClub had plans on launching a mobile app to further expand their business. But, until now, there are no updates if the travel app is in process or almost done.

In case you might be wondering why they use the word ‘Flat,’ it’s because they are referring to an apartment, home, or room in the world’s most popular cities to work, study, and play. Or a place someone can rent with. So, with the word ‘club; next to it, it means a travel site like Airbnb but more on members or hosts and guests getting to know each other.

FlatClub Reviews of Consumers

After reading and checking through FlatClub reviews, results show that 97% of its consumers are recommending people to use FlatClub. Word of mouth is really effective, because it worked for my friend too, who recently booked with FlatClub and was happy with her overall stay. She even compared FlatClub with Airbnb. Good thing about FlatClub, not only guests have the say, even hosts can freely give feedback of the deals made with the guests booked on FlatClub. To see more of these FlatClub reviews of guests and hosts, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          https://flat-club.com/
  • Contact Number:                    +44(0)20 7043 0909 (UK) / +1 646 693 7088
  • Contact Email:                        info@flat-club.com
  • Head Office Address:             20 Ropemaker Street London, London EC2Y 9AR United Kingdom


As we mentioned before, there are new several travel startups nowadays. Not all of these had been successful after 2-3 years. But, FlatClub was different. They stood out, they were able to make it through the jungle of travel communities. It’s because they know how to value and earn the trust of their customers. Most of all, they know how to keep them too. It started with just common sense. Nitzan Yudan was right, why would you want to rent your property to someone who is randomly booking? Why not make bookers join a club, to know them better before trusting? Nice idea. Kudos to FlatClub.



  1. £1718 a month? For a room that’s an extension of the living room? You’d be mad to pay that much and mad to stay there!

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