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Firefly has won the Best Value Airline Award in the 2010 at 2010 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Aerospace & Defense Awards. Not good enough? Here, let me write an article about the Malaysian little, but great airline; “Firefly”. Where passengers leave every flight with a satisfactory smile.

History and FACTS
The first community airline in Malaysia was established in early 2007 with its first inaugural flight on the 3rd of April 2007 from Penang to Kota Bharu. The managing director of Malaysia Airlines, Mr. Idris Jala, said that Firefly will soon market not only within Malaysia but also North America, South America and South Africa. The ownership of Firefly is separated from their parent company and Malaysian Airline System (MAS)

Firefly Reviews-Ong Ming Choy
Ong Ming Choy

Firefly’s CEO, “Ignatius” Ong Ming Choy, appointed in December 2011 by MAS, had a made large contribution to the growth and success of the airline. Ignatius had experienced both hotels and airline management. The current fleet size of 19 consisting of 12 ATR 72-500 and 7 ATR 72-600 are serving 19 destinations within Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Firefly Reviews-inflightInFlight Services
For short haul flights, sometimes we don’t mind eating at all. But Firefly is generous that they are offering soya or fruit juice for refreshments and peanuts for snacks. Since the aircraft are just small, they don’t really require for claustrophobic travelers to ride with them, for safety precautions. The crew are known for their excellence and professionalism.

PC and Mobile Services
As a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, Firefly had made their website unique and far from being a replica. The summer colors of white and orange might be out of season, but at least give a warm and welcoming mood to its consumers. Flashing images of their promotions are shown as the page’s background which is one of the reasons why travelers enjoy viewing the website than mobile app.
Well, Firefly also has a mobile version of their services available in both Android and iOS. However, customers have recommended the Android version of the application from that software was recently updated compared to the iOS. Well, Firefly also have a mobile version of their services and available in both Android and iOS. However, customers have recommended the Android version of the application from that software was recently updated compared to the iOS.

Firefly Reviews of Customers
Firefly reviews, gathered an overall score of 7 out 10 by Skytrax’s Firefly Reviews of passengers. Most of the travelers say that this little airline has an enormous generosity and heart to provide utmost services. No fuss but great value for money and frequency. They noted the airline’s neatness and cabin crew’s politeness.

The most recent reviewer had a scheduled flight to Kuala to Subang and that it was his sixth time to fly with Firefly. He said that each experience has been wonderful, because of early arrival flights, 2×2 seating arrangement and professional crews. In that Firefly review, he rated them 10/10 on December 2, 2015
Firefly Reviews-LOGOContact information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                      +60 3 7840 4241
  • Contact Email:               
  • Fax Number:                            +60 3 7846 6461
  • Head Office Address:               1st Floor, Admin Building1, MAS Complex A Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport                                                   47200 Subang, Malaysia

In a Nutshell
The company’s slogan “Beyond Convenience” had evidently made a mark on the airline’s existence. ​After reading Firefly reviews, I was surprised that a subsidiary airline can be independently progressive without their parent company. When I first saw Firefly, I had to admit that I felt this will be a boring article, but I was surprised myself how small this airline might be but which has an enormous heart to provide quality of service.

Have you flown with Firefly? Feel free to share your experience below.



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  1. The breakfast going was real food fresh and tasty. On the return mid morning flight back to Perth the meal was tasted just out of the oven. Nice coffee not bitter at all. Attendants were efficient and friendly. Legroom the best of any airline in the world.

  2. Firefly might not be one of the giant airlines but it sure have proven to provide outstanding quality of service given their size. Thanks for the comment Kyle!

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