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Are you familiar with the Helsinki Senate Square and Helsinki  Cathedral? Suomenlinna and Olavinlinna? How about one of the oldest yet active building called Turku Castle? You have to see those places in Finland. The place where the world’s biggest coffee drinkers are born! Finland is the least corrupt and mostly democratic country you might want to go! Finnair will take you there because it’s “designed for you.”

Finnair in thin air
Initially Finnair was known as “Aero O/Y” which was founded by a 41 year old Finnish businessperson(by then), Mr. Bruno Lucander, on November 1, 1923. The company’s code AY is an abbreviation for Aero Yhtio which means “company” in Finnish. In 1997 the name was changed to, Finnair Oyj.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Finnair from mid of June 2013, Mr. Pekka Vauramo, is a 55 year old Finnish who’s been working in the heart of Asia and industrial aviation; Hong Kong. He believes that’s the main reason he is the most suitable CEO for Finnair for the agenda of the airlines to connect flights via Asia

Finnair Reviews - Pekka Vauramo
Pekka Vauramo

Finnair is Finland’s national flag carrier
Finnair is the national flag carrier and the largest airline in Finland with a fleet size of 71. The main hub of the airlines is located at Helsinki Airport. Finnair is known as the leading northern European airline that connects Australian and European travellers via Asia. They joined the airline alliance or Oneworld from 1999.

The airlines has been a nominee since 2007 until the present by World Travel Awards for “World’s Leading Charter Airline” and “Europe’s Leading Charter Airline”

There was just two fatal accidents that happened with Finnair  back in 1963. When Aero Flight 311, a domestic flight from Kronoby to Vaasa, with the aircraft Douglas DC-3C crashed almost at Kvevlax. This fatal accident took 25 innocent lives and remains the deadliest civilian aviation in Finland.
Finnair Reviews - Aero Flight 311

Services in Finnair
Finnair cabin classes are categorized into two: Economy and Business Class.

The Economy Class customers are entitled with complimentary meals, snacks and beverages. Customers may also pre-order meals such as meatballs or chicken fillet with mash potatoes or Indian chickpea stew. In-flight entertainment also available in every seat.

The Business Class customers are entitled to a high quality selection of meals and beverages including award winning wines.

The new full-flat bed seats to provide more space for work and privacy. Newspaper are also available for free.

The airlines in-flight service includes duty-free shopping which customers can buy from their broad selection of cosmetics, perfumes unisex, gift items, confectionary and jewelries. Payable by cash, banking cards or credit cards. However the airlines’ in-flight entertainment AVOD (audio/video on demand) are installed for customers to enjoy a wide selection of movies, TV series, music and games

Finnair Plus, is the frequent flyer program of Finnair which gives the customers the privileged to upgrade cabin classes, baggage allowances or flight awards thru earned points while travelling with Finnair. To see the program, click here.

The customer service of Finnair for concerns like prices, schedules or special services the number (+358 600 140 140) works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However cancellations are with a different number (+358 98140 140) works only from 8 am to 8 pm.

PC and Mobile version
The interface of the Finnair’s website is a mixture shades of blue and white which gives a cozy and calm effect to customers and a resemblance of the flag of Finland. The features of the website lets customers book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, check-in online and flight status. Scrolling down will show customers offers of their recent promotions from specific countries including travel guides to the most visited countries worldwide.

Finnair Reviews - Website
The option to change country and language for customers understandability is located at the top center of the page. Next to the language selector is the option for customer concerns to be answered with their FAQ, online support or contact numbers.

Finnair’s Mobile app is another way of accessing their services on smartphones. The mobile app version asks  customers to log in using their Finnair Plus member ID and this will entitle them to mobile check-in, mobile boarding pass, check flight status, upgrading cabin class and flight information. All of these functions in one app available in iOS and Android.
Finnair Reviews- Mobile app

Customer’s Concern
In this Finnair reviews, the airlines receives a neutral score from its customers according to Skytrax as to one recent review. The reviewer said, “The new Finnair business class versus the old. The old Finnair were fully flat seats, tired fabric, not super clean but very comfortable and much better than the new business class seats – which do not lie fully flat, leg support appalling and very little padding. I noticed many people tossing and turning to get comfortable. Little in way of storage also.  Food is average, staff lovely and attentive. Finnair have installed the wrong seat. I have heard it said that any business class is better than economy, but this business class is not much better than a good economy class cabin, especially in exit row seats.” he gave the airlines a 5 out 10 rating.

Contact information

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact number:                  +358 600 140 140
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        +358 9 818 4401
  • Head Office Address:           Tietotie 11A, Helsinki Vantaa Airport, 01053 Vantaa, Finland

Overall thoughts

In this Finnair review, the airlines have run a long race for 92 years. Finnair is considered to be a veteran in this kind of service. Struggles occur on a racetrack but that didn’t hinder Finnair to keep running towards their aim. We are observing till they reach their Finale the Finnish way!



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