Fiji Airways Review

It’s a sad truth that there are airlines who were never meant to make it far. Bankruptcies, plane crashes and bad reputation are some of the reasons why airlines cease their operation. Fiji Airways is currently the 100th place airline in the world, meaning, most of the airlines are better than Fiji.

Can Fiji recover? Be aware of their past and present situation.

History and Present

Fiji Airways was founded on 1947 by former navigator Harold Gatty, the airline’s operation started in 1951, so four years in the making.

Fiji Airways founder, Harold Gatty
Fiji Airways founder, Harold Gatty

The current CEO  and Chief Financial Officer is David Bowen. David spent 10 years of his life working for major airline industries around the world before becoming Fiji’s CEO, he has an extensive knowledge of the business and the aviation side of the industry.

David Bowen, CEO of Fiji Airways
David Bowen, CEO of Fiji Airways

What people are saying

Fiji received a 4 out of 10 rating on both and Online reviews acknowledged the warm welcome of the attendants with the famous Fiji “Bula” greeting. Customers were happy that their flights were departing on time and the ground attendants were very helpful. However, cancelled flights are very sudden, passengers were able to check in minutes prior to their flights, then they find out that their flight was cancelled. There were many complaints just like this one.

Their food is not that good unfortunately, one passenger was disappointed when the crew only served one cold meal for an 11 hour flight. Some customers were wondering why on board attendants weren’t friendly and polite, which Fijians are known for being like. The seat comfort didn’t meet the standard passengers were expecting. Looks like the negative reviews overwhelmed the positive ones.

The Website

Fiji Airways Review website is pretty easy to navigate. The necessary features are of course, on the homepage. Customers can manage the flight they’ve already booked on the website. Checking-in and monitoring flight status is also allowed, passengers can also avail extra baggage allowance, select their seat and check the weather conditions of their destination on the site. Discounted flight deals are presented on the homepage and a page for special offers.

Customer Service

Their customer support is open 24/7 with different phone numbers for each country. Fiji also has an email support for enquiries and medical treatments or check ups. They have a customer relation team to evaluate their service with passengers submitting their feedback. Everything can be done through contacting the agency via phones.


fiji airways new uniforms

Fiji Airways has two class options, the business class or the economy class.

Business class

Upon their arrival, business passengers will be assisted by ground attendants from checking in up to boarding the plane. Business class passengers are automatically given extra baggage allowance. Seats can be reclined and everyone on-board can achieve a good night’s sleep. Three courses of fine dining will be served with fine wine, spirits and a selection of cheeses. Personal screens with updated entertainment movies and shows await each passenger.

Economy class

Fiji is known for their excellent hospitality, in this class the interior is designed to promote a naturally friendly aura. Seats are wide with armchairs and in flight entertainment including flicks, tv shows and top 40 hits from all over the world.

Food and Beverages

Meal servings are inspired by South Pacific cuisine with a wide selection of beverages and light snacks with good health content.

Baggage Allowance

Economy passengers either adult or child can carry one piece 7 kg baggage while business class passenger can carry two pieces each. Infants in all classes are given 3 kg each.

Special Travel Needs

Taking everything and everyone into consideration, for passengers with special needs and treatment. Individuals suffering from different illnesses and disabilities are given extra priority to ensure their safety.

Elderly persons are escorted with wheelchairs and babies with strollers.


Their main hub, the Nadi International Airport is located in Nadi, Viti Levu, fiji with 8 airliners including three Airbus A330-200, four Boeing 737-800 and one Boeing 737-700. Fiji has a subsidiary airline called Fiji link for domestic flights.

Contact information

Calling from Fiji: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388

Calling from Australia: 1 800 230 150

Calling from New Zealand: 0800 800 178

Calling from the USA and Canada: 1 800 227 4446

Calling from Mainland China: 4001206268

Calling from Hong Kong: +852 3192 7568

  • Contact Email: or
  • Head Office Address: Nadi International Airport Nadi, Fiji


Fiji Airways was the 97th rank airline in 2014, after reaching the lowest point of the competition, Fiji has so much to prove. The future results are pretty exciting if you think about them, Fiji might rocket its way next year or permanently disappear from the list.

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