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As we all know, depot means a place of storage. Now, FareDepot quite explains what does their company provide. They have in store, a list of airfare deals. But the question is… is it enough what’s in store for you? In this review, we’ll be talking about FareDepot and let’s discover if we should trust this online travel agency.
vacationsFareDepot is an American-based travel site which is said to be privately owned yet no CEO or founder has been standing up for them. It’s quite suspicious why FareDepot has no definite details even on CrunchBase and Linkedin, not even a brief history where the company was originated, though it shows that FareDepot was recently established in 2013.

How does FareDepot work?

FareDepot is being operated by an unknown strong team of technology partners with expertise in online and mobile development. Their technology is paired with their call center solutions and strong industry partnerships with over 400 airlines and many travel partners. FareDepot’s About Us page doesn’t even give away any relevant information as to where they were originated or inspired from.
FareDepot is a travel site that doesn’t only focus on flights but also provides the search, compare and book option with hotel reservations, car rentals services, cruises and vacation packages. However we quite noticed that FareDepot’s layout looks similar to LowFares and HotelsCombined which are both untrusted sites. Well, even without comparing FareDepot with those travel sites, it doesn’t seem nice to risk with this online travel agency.

Talking about features and services of FareDepot, the language can’t be changed and live chat support options are available at the bottom right. An access to their social media accounts is found on the top right.

FareDepot Reviews-mobile appBooking now was made easy with their on the go travel app. FareDepot makes sure customers are comfortable either with the PC version or mobile version since they have a mobile application which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

FareDepot Reviews of Customers

After reading 183 FareDepot reviews, we found out that the travel site is quite being popular to the travellers. Consumers are talking about FareDepot but not on a positive note. On SiteJabber, FareDepot received an overall rating of 2.7/5. The term “infamous” can be the best way to describe FareDepot reviews. One reviewer who posted in April 2016 said:

FareDepot Reviews-scam

“The worst ever!! They tell you that your Reservation is confirmed but the next day, they send you an email asking for more details about you credit card and off course at the end they ask you for more money. The worse part is that you already gave them all your personal information. BEAWARE THIS IS SCAM”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                           http://faredepot.com/
  • Contact Number:                     1-866-860-2929 / +1 (302) 766-7101
  • Contact Email:                         bizdev@faredepot.com
  • Head Office Address:               1400 Key Blvd Suite 100 Arlington, VA 2229 United States


There are extraordinary arrangements of unanswered requests frequenting FareDepot. The business practices of this travel site are particularly doubtful, considering the affirmation of deceived customer Visas, and their declared trap-and-switch system, which I believe is frustrating. The limited information provided about the company would moreover add to the suspicion incorporating its steadfast quality.



  1. Total cost was 830, I was charged 860. They said they mailed me a check. HAHA, nope they stole my 30 bucks and there isn’t anything I can do about it. Report them to BBB!!!!!

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