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Escapio Reviews-EscapeThere are so many ways to spend this summer, our holidays and day offs. People always want to have that great escape from everything. Nowadays, it’s easy to travel from one city to another or one country to another as long as you have the savings and the wholehearted perseverance to do so. Since travelling has been part of everyone’s life, marketing has grown within the travel industry as well.  There are so many travel startups and freshly started airlines. Where should you book your hotel accommodation? Hotel booking sites are everywhere as well.

In this review, we will talk about another hotel booking site called “Escapio” and check the credibility of the travel company.

Escape with Escapio

Escapio was established on March 29, 2004. The background of Escapio has shown a lot of solitude for a lone traveler. The image of a man sitting at the end of the road facing the sea pretty much gives the traveller an impression of the escape they want while travelling. However, taking a closer look at the details shown on the main page, it says “We search over 40 sites to find you the world’s best hotels at the best price.” This only means they are comparing prices of hotel prices from other hotel booking sites. Not being unique at all.
Escapio Reviews-pageWe’ve noticed earlier that while typing for a specific destination or hotel, it doesn’t give us a drop-down list box where it provides more relative searches from the keyword we typed in. This caused us more difficulty to search for nonspecific hotels. Does it mean we need to be knowledgeable of a specific destination or a hotel name just to have the result we wanted? I thought “Escapio connects sophisticated travelers with distinctive hotels”? Escapio needs to look at this concern too.

Scrolling further down, Escapio will give tourists their Top 8 destinations. They also provide a numbered list of Favorite Hotel Types, Favorite Cities, Favorite Regions, Favorite Countries and Highlights. But if this service works more than the main page search options, then they should have switch these two parts of their page.

Escapio Reviews of Customers

Another fact that puzzles us: Escapio doesn’t have any customer reviews posted or shown online which is impossible to happen. It can be possible if no one ever really tried to use the hotel comparison site or Escapio had removed all feedback and comments to clean up their mess. Escapio was founded 12 years ago (not a year ago) and a no-reviews company is highly suspicious.
Escapio Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact Number:                     0049 30 6165 1690
  • Contact Email:               
  • Fax Number:                           0049 30 6165 1699
  • Head Office Address:               Am Treptower Park 28 12435 Berlin, Germany


We noticed the message shown at the bottom part of every page of Escapio, saying:
“The journey not the arrival matters”
Escapio Reviews-bottom message
Well, we think they are trying to value the trip every tourist makes more than the destination or place to stay. First, they are a hotel comparison site. Second, the journey and the destination both matter. The journey is an essential part of the whole trip, but that doesn’t mean arrival is not.



  1. I tried booking with Escapio because I saw a great deal on their site, but before I placed my credicard information, I tried calling customer service. I dunno what hit me, but I just want to make sure I am dealing with decent people before paying. The representative sounded robotic and became sarcastic at the end. So, I just decided to book with FlightHub instead.

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