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The airline that operates regional jets for daily flights in the United States and Canada traces its roots back to 1985 as “Express I,” which later on was combined with Express II. In 2002, Express I changed its name to “Pinnacle Airlines.”  A new holding company, Pinnacle Airlines Corporation, had been created earlier that year. Again, in 2013, the airline was renamed as Endeavor Air.

Endeavor Air Reviews-Ryan GummWhat actually caused the airline to rebrand to Endeavor Air, was because Pinnacle’s parent company and its subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on April 1, 2012. After restructuring, the airline was renamed to Endeavor Air in 2013. Endeavor Air’s current president and CEO is Mr. Ryan Gumm.

Endeavor Air Services

The American regional airline which operates as Delta Connection for Delta Air Lines follows the frequent-flyer program SkyMiles, and is in alliance with SkyTeam. Endeavor Air consists of 134 Bombardiers which have a capacity of 50-76 passengers. Delta’s current fleet plan for Endeavor Air is 81 CRJ-900s. Endeavor Air operates a fluid range of CRJ200 jets.

Official Website

pageBasically, what you can see on the official site is more of a little introduction about Endeavor Air’s company description, and a red button to that gives access to learn more about them. Before we clicked that, we  noticed that the page also provides general information such as career, job postings, contact page, and a short message from Ryan Gumm at the bottom right.

Their official site is not like other airlines’ pages that give travellers the option to search and book for their preferred flight deal but is more on exploring someone’s career options and looking through job opportunities. In a nutshell, the webpage provides more of a way for an individual to navigate their future with their innovative career development and organization. Unfortunately, Endeavor Air doesn’t have a travel app for the mobile version of their services.

Endeavor Air Reviews of Employees

Although Endeavor Air is an airline, feedback online appears on Glassdoor, which means the Endeavor Air reviews posted online are all about the employee comments and postings regarding the airline’s employment services. There 115 comments shown with an overall rating of 2.9/5, which is just average. Feel free to be the judge, click this link to view the Endeavor Air reviews.
Endeavor Air Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 http://www.endeavorair.com/
  • Contact Number:           800.603.4594 / 901-348-4100
  • Contact Email:               Accommodations@EndeavorAir.com
  • Fax Number:                 901-432-5449
  • Head Office Address:    7500 Airline Drive Minneapolis, MN 55450-1101 United States


Even after writing a review about Endeavor Air, we are still not sure about how to rate them or if we should we trust them. Maybe, as a tourism or aviation fresh graduate, Endeavor Air will be a nice choice for your career application but in terms of inflight service, there’s no given information how it is flying with Endeavor Air. Since, the airline is tied with Delta Airlines, we do somehow expect they are as lenient as Delta Airlines is.

Have you flown with Endeavor Air? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. There are only 3 bases you can be assigned to and they are all in the northern U.S. (NYC, Minneapolis and Detroit). Be prepared to work or have a crash pad out of these bases if you choose Endeavor. Commuting to work is difficult at times, especially during summer months when everyone is vacationing.

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