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“Kemet” known as “Black Land” with their rich, dark soil along the Nile River, Egypt, with more than 8 decades of aviation experience and being a pioneer in air services in the Middle East and Africa. EgyptAir spread their wings for a gracious development in time. Let us indulge ourselves in flights with the national airline of Egypt: EgyptAir.

EgyptAir Reviews-Alan Muntz
Alan Muntz

History and Facts
EgyptAir traces its roots back in 1932, this idea sprung when the chairman of Airwork, Alan Muntz visited Egypt and came up with an idea to start a new airline in the country. The beginning of EgyptAir was known as Misr Airwork. The breakdown of ownership by 1933 is consisted of 85% Misr Bank, 10% Airwork and 5% private Egyptian investors making the name change to Misr Airlines. With the growing fleet carrying over 7,000 passengers in just 2 years, it changed again to Mysore SAE in 1949.

The sequencing events of changing names never stopped that in 1958 by the mind of United Arab Republic of Egypt and Syria, the airline was renamed as United Arab Airlines and merged with Syrian Airways by then end of the year. Finally, on the 10th of October 1971 the name was officially changed to “EgyptAir” concurrently with the name change of the country to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

EgyptAir Reviews-Sameh El‐Hefny
Sameh El‐Hefny

The flag carrier of Egypt and also considered the oldest airline servicing both Africa, Arab extended throughout Europe and Middle East. Is also the second largest airline in Africa (next to South African Airways) and second largest Arab airline (next to Saudi Arabian Airlines). EgyptAir’s main base is at Cairo International Airport with a total of 60 aircrafts and a member of Star Alliance, led by their current CEO, Sameh El Hefny. He has an extensive background in civil aviation prior to being the Chief Executive Officer of the airlines, he entered EgyptAir in 1988 as a pilot and went up to Chief Pilot and Examiner for Airbus aircraft.

On Board Services
EgyptAir offers similar cabin classes like other airlines. Their cabin classes are categorized to Economy, Business and First Class. All passengers are served with Halal meals are also known as foods and drinks of Muslims in accordance with the Islamic dietary law. EgyptAir doesn’t serve any alcohol drink in flights. Power outlets are available on selected aircrafts while the majority of the travelers are entertained with their backseat audio video on demand system. However First Class customers enjoy a personal video screen for their entertainment needs.

PC and Mobile Services
EgyptAir Reviews-page
Initially the website asks customers to select their language and country of origin, which will direct them to the main page. The site expresses a calm blue and white theme color with clouds in the background. Wherein the features of the page are similar to other airline services such as booking flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, options to check-in online, flight status, manage their bookings and access to their flyer program, EGYPTAIR Plus.
EgyptAir Reviews-Mobile App
The sub-functions of the website let travelers process online refunds, get ticket notice, check baggage allowance and check out their mobile services. Indeed, they have a travel app or mobile version of these services available in the App store and Google Play store. Based on EgyptAir reviews, the travel app is getting an above average rating for the application’s functionality.

EgyptAir Reviews of Customers
The national airline of Egypt didn’t leave a nice impression to its passengers. The recent published EgyptAir reviews are mostly complaints and negative feedback regarding EgyptAir’s old cabin interior, overcrowded lounges, rude and unfriendly crew and pilots even smoke in the cockpit despite the “no smoking” stickers pasted all around makes passengers feeling unbearable and irritated throughout the flight. However, what really caught my attention out of the other EgyptAir Reviews, was the most recent review posted on the 14th of November 2015:

He actually named his review as “unworthy of Star Alliance”, it seems like the passenger was aware of the airline alliance that he said that EgyptAir was probably the weakest link among Star Alliance members. Because during his flight, he experienced the unfriendliness and unprofessionality of the crew and was even served with a burnt hot dog omelet breakfast for an inflight meal; this was never replaced.

During this trip he lost his bags upon arrival and he believed this was common for all airlines. However, he was surprised that EgyptAir agreed to compensate, but never payed. He kept contacting the airline via e-mails and tried calling too, but was just asked to email their baggage services. He ended the review by saying “This is an endless pernicious loop of irresponsibility” and he gave them a 1 out 10 rating.
EgyptAir Reviews-logoContact information

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact number:             +202 2696 6798 / +200 9007 0000
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +202 2635 38 61
  • Head Office Address:      Cairo International Airport, Terminal 3, Departure Hall Cairo, Egypt

In a Nutshell
Based on several EgyptAir reviews, the Egyptian airline is struggling to maintain their prestigious records as one of the leading airlines in North Africa. The last time they were awarded for Africa’s Leading Airline-Business Class was way back year 2011 and this year they were just a nominee for this title. EgyptAir might not be one of the Top 100 Airlines this year, but upon the resignation of Sameh El Hefny as CEO in August 2015, it was alleged that El-Hefny’s mismanagement was the main reason why he was forced to resign after the airline’s financial losses. EgyptAir sees a clearer view of their success, now everything is situated.



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  1. Excellent service throughout. Enjoy their complimentary meals and crew exceptionally professional and friendly. Overall enjoyed the service on board my flight.

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