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Dinesh Dhamija

Ebookers is one of the leading and first interactive pan-European online travel agency in United Kingdom and was founded in 1998. However the origins trace back in 1983 by a 65-year old British-Indian business entrepreneur Dinesh Dhamija and his wife when they opened a travel agency in a kiosk in Earl’s Court Station and later on he was the first person who started travel agency via internet.

In 2000 Ebookers.com bought Flightbookers.com as a merge for growth in online travel industry across Europe under Orbitz Worldwide Inc, an American company that operates website used to research, plan, book and travel.

Electronic Bookers
Ebookers interface is user friendly with the contrast of blue and orange a perfect choice to express holidays and vacation. The features of the website are to let customers search and compare flights, hotel reservations, cruises and car rentals.
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Aside from the main feature of Ebookers, promotions generally take up the remaining part of the site in which customers can see more holiday packages with prices, duration, destination and saving percentage.
Ebookers Reviews - bonus+Ebookers has a program called “eBookers BONUS+”, wherein travelers can register as long as they are 18 and above with a valid email address. Once registered, customers get to earn Bonus+ whenever they book with Ebookers. However this program has Terms and Conditions, to see the terms and condition of the program, click here.

Ebookers display prices in Euro currency and they are aware of this. However there’s no option to change the display amount into the customer’s country currency, but Ebookers see to it that customers can check how much it is in their rate by clicking the Currency Converter located just on the top of the page.

On the bottom right of Ebookers there’s an option to send a feedback about their website. Once customers clicked the Site Feedback button, a pop-up window will show up and will ask for customer to select either it’s a  suggestion, if something went wrong or praise.

Incompetent Online Travel Agency
I have to scan through various Ebookers reviews and I had difficulty on finding good ones because Ebookers is getting a lot of complaints from their customers saying to avoid them. Most of Ebookers reviews are asking potential customers to stay away from them because they have a disgusting service and are dishonest.

Let me share one review, he said I’ve recently made the mistake of doing business with them and their spectacular incompetence cost me an extra 900$ plus a good amount of stress that I could certainly have done without. In fact, they failed to notify me of a flight change. When I arrived at the counter, it was simply empty. I missed my connection; it was a nightmare in many ways

The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you. Just keep away unless you really want to travel poorer and angrier” he gave the online travel agency a 1 out 5 rating.
Contact information

  • Website URL:                 www.ebookers.com
  • Contact number:            020 33 20 33 20
  • Contact Email:               customercare@ebookers.com
  • Head Office Address:     5th Floor, 140 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HY, UK

Judging through various Ebookers reviews, I can see that the European online travel agency has really been one of the pioneers with this kind of business. However they forgot that business is about people. People do business with people, they don’t do business with ideas, things or money. My point here, even you are at the peak of your success, you should still know how to be efficient with the service your customers have paid for.

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  1. I wasted all my time with this company. I swear, I’m going to sue them specially the customer service representative “Hannah” she was really shouting and yelling at me over the phone. I don’t think call representatives are trained to yell at their customers in need. This is ridiculous. Maybe if I spoke with a different agent maybe things might be situated.

  2. I called them for an urgent matter but they insist on asking me to email them and wait for their reply. Totally inconsiderate, I tried to explain and they hang up on me!

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